ēgō Men’s Style Guide – The Fall/Winter Guide 2011-2012

By on August 31, 2011

As the end of the summer comes, the dawn of a new season makes a huge influence on style.

The fall and winter season will be jam packed with clothing that will give a warmer feeling and a darker but vivid look.  Styles will be complimented by garments that are geared to a particular look. Basic jackets will include more detailing, brighter stitching, more buttons and accents to help make that piece much more attractive. The idea is versatility in comfort and style, why not look good and feel comfortable?  Clothing will slightly veer away from form fitted garments to a more relaxed fit.  Fitted clothing is definitely not last season, but now there will be more variety in styles that will allow a relaxed feel.  Fashion has always had a common similarity with the past. It is said that fashion repeats itself every 20 years.  Not all aspects of an era are recycled, but tidbits here and there most definitely are.  If we look back to fashion 20 years past, open shirts, sport coats with rolled up cuffs, relaxed narrow leg pants, and lots of layers were the in thing.  Much of the same can be said for this new era of fashion. Below we will look at the various types of colours, patterns and looks to keep an eye on; they will help give you the edge in your look.


This season men should look forward to deeper richer colours. Dark blues, purples, dark reds, and of course black, greys and deep metallics.  Black and greys have always been transitional colours as they are in the neutral colour scheme along with white. Although white is not a popular colour for this type of season, white will still be powerful because it will help break up the darker tones. Fine detailing in pants and shirts will have vivid bright colours like white and yellow to take the dull to another level and help accentuate or redefine a look.

The fall and winter always bring in some gloominess antagonistic to the upbeat spring and summer vibe. Colours traditionally would have been basic and dark. For 2011 those deep dark colours will be livened up with richer warm and cool colours. Now if you are not the type to be testing the waters with various shades, outfitting yourself with one out of the box colour can appear richer when offset with a neutral or cool tone.


Layers have always been in; but it’s all about the fine detailing and patterns which will help break up the deep colours. Sport coats with sweaters and collared shirts, blazer style fall jackets that are double breasted, outfitted with sweater tops and crew neck shirts.  The idea is to wrap the body with different mismatched looks and strike a balance with a scarf, tie, or accessory which is packed with texture.

Prints and Patterns

Prints have always sparked some sort of level of intrigue for men.  Many guys are timid when accessorizing certain prints because they can be extremely hard to control and fit into the look they want. Learning to limit the amount of print by wearing it with plain clothing or using it help make a particular garment stand out is definitely a place to start.  There are many different types of patterns, but the ones that are the most transitional are the ones that are the easiest to work with. Prints to look out for this season that will help define your look: (click and view print)

Plaid print

Paisley print

Cross-hatched pattern

Damask pattern

Hounds-tooth pattern


Patterns and prints will incorporate a rich colour combined with a soft and subtle colour to emphasize the design and style of that garment.  Remember; the key is not to overdo it!

 Patterned button up shirt

Urban/Street Wear

Street wear for the Canadian male is a serious issue. We men like to be comfortable yet look good while on the go.  Versatility is key. Having the ability to wear something casual but also the opportunity to jazz it up with one touch for a night out is the way to go.

The awesome styles for urban wear link right back to the colour game.  Deep dark colours, as well as deep brighter warm and cool colours assist in making those darker colours stand out and vice versa for the vivid ones. Dark denim will be embroidered with bright stitching. Rips and fades are still going to be an awesome look, but adding dark denim to your routine will help define your sense of style. Pants whether they be cotton or denim will have a broader spectrum of fit. There will be a lot more designers introducing a more relaxed baggier fit pant which allows those on the go to look and feel stylish. Basic blue colour blue jeans are going to seem a little last season, but can still be worked with a trendier stylized shirt, jacket or sweater.

T-shirts, v necks, crew necks are definitely still a must in anybody’s clothing vocabulary, as these can be used to compliment that layered look.  T shirt prints can be bold yet stylish and graphic T’s will have unique patterns and colours that will pop.


Shoes are always a hot topic for anyone, whether male or female.  Rockin’ a nice pair of kicks adds a sense of comfort and ease while out in the city.  More casual runner styles will be dressed up with darker shades and stitching and even natural leather finishes giving a dressy relaxed look and feel.  Shoe soles will also be accentuated with lighter colours like white, yellow, red and grey to take on more of a casual feel to the feet. Dress shoes will also take on a change; soles will get a little thicker, adding comfort and resisting the amount of impact to the heels and toes.  Along with this dress shoes will also become shinier; this is to make the dress shoe styles more distinguishable to that of the casual dress.







Men have always limited themselves to the basic wallet or a briefcase for those business types. But the coolest accessory for men that we can all look forward to seeing in retail stores is men’s satchels. Those are carrying bags for men, or formally known as the male “murse”. As funny as this may seem, satchels for men are going to be huge.  Styles and colours will range from dark greys, blacks, deep denim tones or vintage style worn leather and even textured and rugged finish. Satchels will make it easy for those guys on the go to store their tablets, laptops, books and documents. 

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