Advanced Fitness Training

By on September 15, 2011

Advanced – Build Bulk and Strength

(Advanced workouts are structured by body part and higher weight recommended)

Chest, Cardio, Core/Abdominals, Back, Legs, Shoulders, Arms



(ēgō recommendation is to incorporate both chest and triceps in one day)

  1.   3 sets of 7 reps  – Flat bench press implementing negatives/forced reps (view image)
  2.   3 sets – Flat dumbbell flies
  3.   3 sets of 7 reps – Incline dumbbell press implementing negatives/forced reps (view image)  Supplement with incline bench press with bar



  1.   10-20 minute – Warm up
  2.   20 minute – Interval training on treadmill (Interval training is a type of physical training that involves bursts of high intensity work with periods of lower intensity for recovering)
  3.   10 minute – Cool down – to get heart rate back to resting level


Core & Abdominals

  1.   3 sets – Crunches on stability ball (view image)  Supplement weight/kettle ball held over head for extra weight
  2.   3 sets – Raised arm crunches on stability ball with weight (view image)
  3.   3 sets – Leg raises with or without weight (view image)
  4.   3 sets – Barbell rollouts (view image)



(ēgō recommendation is to incorporate both back and biceps in one day)

  1.   3 sets – Pull-ups – warm up (view image)
  2.   3 sets – Back extensions with our without weight – warm up
  3.   3 sets – Bent over one arm barbell rows each arm (view image)
  4.   3 sets – Each side single arm kettle ball rows (view image)
  5.   3 sets – Bent over two arm barbell rows (view image)
  6.   3 sets 7 reps – Of straight leg Dead lift  (view image)



  1.   4 sets – Squats (view image)
  2.   4 sets – Leg press
  3.   3 sets – Dumbbell or straight bar lunges (view image) Walking/Stationary (stationary recommended for form and posture)
  4.   3 sets – Seated calf raises (view image)



  1.   3 sets – Reverse or seated leaning forward deltoid raises
  2.   3 sets – Seated or standing military press (view image) Supplement dumbbells for kettle bells
  3.   4 sets – Dumbbell or kettle ball shrugs (view image)
  4.   3 sets – Dumbbell raises (view image)
  5.   3 sets – Standing upright row (view image)



(ēgō recommendation is to incorporate both chest/back and triceps/biceps in one day)

  1.   2 sets – Seated single arm bicep curls – warm up (view image) or (view image)
  2.   3 sets – Bent arm dumbbell curls (view image)
  3.   3 sets of 7 reps – Barbell curls heavy (view image) Supplement negatives and forced reps
  4.   3 sets – Of straight bar/EZ curl bar preacher curls Can implement negatives and forced reps
  5.   3 sets – Triceps pushdowns with rope or bar, Can implement negatives and forced reps, or seated extensions (view image)
  6.   3 sets – Lying dumbbell triceps extensions (view image) Supplement for Triceps skull crushers.
  7.   3 sets – Triceps kickbacks (view image)
  8.   3 sets – Triceps dips with or without weight (view image) or (view image)



Any or all workouts can be done in any type of variation depending on your fitness schedule or regime. Someone who prefers the advanced level can also do the beginner or intermediate level as well.  The most important thing is to have fun and push yourself to the maximum, and believe me you will leave the gym feeling great.



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