Beginner Fitness Training

By on September 15, 2011

Beginner Fitness Training Beginner – Shred Fat and Tone Up

(Beginner workouts are structured by region or section of body – upper, core, lower and cardio)




Upper Body

(Variation of exercises can be utilized or can be selected individually by preference and comfort level)

  1.   3 sets seated or standing military press (view image) Supplement dumbbells for kettle bells
  2.   3 Sets single arm shoulder press (view image)
  3.   3 sets Lat pull downs
  4.   3 sets flat bench press (view image) Can supplement bar for dumbbells
  5.   3 sets incline bench press (view image) Can supplement bar for dumbbells
  6.   3 sets dumbbell bicep curls (view image)  Standard curls and/or Hammer Curls
  7.   3 sets triceps push downs with rope or bar
  8.   3 sets triceps dips (view image)
  9.   3 sets triceps kickbacks (view image)



(Can be utilized on treadmill, elliptical or exercise bike)

  1.   10-20 minute warm up
  2.   20 minute Interval training on treadmill (Interval training is a type of physical training that involves bursts of high intensity work with periods of lower intensity for recovering)
  3.   10 minute cool down – to get heart rate back to resting level



  1.   3 sets crunches on full size stability ball (view image)  Supplement for just standard or half stability ball
  2.   3 sets leg raises (view image)
  3.   3 sets Spider-man push ups Can supplement for oblique crunches or hanging leg raise variations


Lower Body

  1.   3 sets stability ball squats (view image) Use dumbbells or kettle bells for extra weight
  2.   3 sets seated or standing calf raises (view image)
  3.   3 sets leg press or squats (view image)  Supplement for sets of Seated leg extensions
  4.   3 sets dumbbell lunges (view image)  Walking/Stationary (Stationary recommended for form and posture)
Any or all workouts can be done in any type of variation depending on your fitness schedule or regime. Someone who prefers the advanced level can also do the beginner or intermediate level as well.  The most important thing is to have fun and push yourself to the maximum, and believe me, you will leave the gym feeling great.


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