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By on September 22, 2011
I train my body for function not fashion
Omar Arvizu Flexing

Omar Arvizu - Primal Athletics

We guys have different motivators for hitting the gym; it is either to get fit and healthy or just to gain size so we can feel physically satisfied with our appearance or others compete on the professional level. The questions we ask ourselves, before we take the plunge to put our bodies through rigorous workouts and days of recovery from sore muscles, are; what will be the outcome? how long it will take to notice results? and how will I know when enough is enough?  The answer to this is we must be mentally and physically prepared to work our bodies to the utmost potential in order to be in shape and live a long happy life, whether it takes days, weeks or years. The idea is to work out, have fun and keep in shape. Working out shouldn’t be a tiresome excuse to escape our day to day lives. It is an opportunity to enrich ourselves, free our bodies and feed our souls and push ourselves to the ultimate limit. The mere concept of working out should be a set agenda with routines that confuse our muscles to stimulate growth at a manageable rate and in the interim, feeding our bodies with healthy foods and proteins.

To make it easier for us men to understand how to work out and what workouts may best fit the routine, we have provided some insight on different levels of regimes to follow according to your level of involvement and schedule, and to what type of results you wish to obtain. We have also provided pictures, taken at Primal Athletics in Oakville Ontario, with the help of Owner and Coach Omar Arvizu.


I train my body for function not fashion


Back to the basics

To begin, one must understand that the idea of getting fit involves two fundamental ideas; enhancing your muscular endurance, which is the ability of the muscle to contract over and over during exercise while augmenting the maximum number of muscle fibres to perform that exercise. And Cardiovascular endurance, which is the ability of the heart, lungs, and circulatory system to deliver oxygen to muscles to fuel exercise, in the meantime carrying away waste products i.e. lactic acid. Lactic acid is a waste or by-product from rigorous training of muscles. A build up of lactic acid will eventually prevent further contraction which may lead to muscle failure. Therefore it is crucial to practice cardiovascular endurance while enhancing muscular endurance.


The following workout schedule provided below targets the beginner, intermediate and advance trainer. Try all workouts implementing negatives (those are assisted with pull up and slow gradual bring down of weight) and/or forced repetitions.

Beginner (shred fat and tone up) – Push-ups, pull ups, crunches, squats, and calves

Intermediate (build bulk and strength) – legs, chest, abs, arms, and back

Advanced (build bulk and strength) – in depth review of each muscle and what to work on to keep a symmetrical look


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