5 Apps for the ēgō

By on January 1, 2012

The smartphone world has thousands

of apps out there with dozens more being

released every day.  Egomag highlights 5 of

some of the most exciting and useful apps

out there right now. There are many that

can help make life a little more



For Fitness:

“Lose It!” by FitNow 

Platforms: iPhone & desktop

Cost: Free

Description: Lose It! is a great tool to help con with the dietary part of your health system.  Acquire a daily calorie budget by determining the amount of weight you want to lose over time.  Track how much you spend from your daily budget as you eat, and monitor your long-term status towards your goal.  FitNow’s database also includes the nutritional information from a number of popular food chains, making it even easier to truly watch what you consume.


For Thoughts:

“Evernote” by Evernote

Platforms: Blackberry, iPhone, Android, and desktop

Cost: Free, or $5/month (Premium version)

Description: Group together voice recordings, photos, scribbled thoughts, videos, GPS locations, and web pages under the heading of a single note.  Group notes together in a ‘notebook’, and have notes searchable, even by customized tags.  Evernote also recognizes words on business cards and photos and allows them to be searchable within your personal database.


For Networking:

“Viber” by Viber

Platforms: iPhone & Android

Cost: Free

Description: Why use long distance when you can just tell your far-away friends to download Viber?  Text or call fellow Viber users, and know who else has the app just by looking through your address book: no PIN or username identification required.


For Travel:

“Layar Reality Browser” by Layar

Cost: Free

Description: Discover places to eat, shop, and hang out once you’ve arrived into town – using your phone camera and this app.  Layar Reality Browser recognizes items in the real world and displays information on-screen relating to it.  Information is added to Layar’s database by other users and businesses utilizing the system.  While there’s still more development to be made in the app, it shows a lot of promise.  Plus it’s always exciting to be a part of something big when it’s starting out.


For Finance:

“Mint Personal Finance” by Mint

Cost: Free

Description:  Mint Personal Finance monitors your online banking accounts and helps you track your spending.  Set a budget and monitor how closely you’re following it; forecast pending transactions and see where your money is going by category.  Mint has just been made available in Canada and promises to include investment tracking and SMS text updates for items related to your financing in the near future.


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