Bloor Street Annex: Acme Burger Review

By on January 11, 2012

Bloor and Bathurst has been home to Acme Burger’s second location since 2008.  The chain itself has only been around for 5 ½ years, but they’ve developed a well-deserved reputation as a burger joint to seek out in the T.O. area.



Walk in and you’ll be met by an order window, with a full menu displaying all the options above it, checkered in black and white.  It’s a charming touch, with large photos sampling the menu lining the side.

Make your order and step left to face to topping station row, with a layout that you’d remember from previous outings at Subway or Harvey’s.  There is also a viewing of their ice cream for use in milkshakes (not tried in this review but they have been recommended for a go).

End of the station is the condiment and utensil island.

The seating area opposing the station is modest in size, mostly booths across the main back wall, with a couple standard tables lining the other wall leading to washrooms at back.

There’s mostly white here with the walls and chair backs.  A television above the condiment island provides some entertainment, but overall the layout has simplicity at the fore.  Notice the ‘Z’ pattern flow from order to seat: cheekily efficient, and ‘Acme’, indeed.

Serving presentation is nice.  The silver trays give a clean look to the traditional, ‘oil paper’-wrapped burger and box of fries.  It’s a charming element, looking nice in the booth on their pine tables and hints at what their focus is on: “superior, tasteful food within a fast-paced environment.”



Ordered was a standard Acme Burger, 6oz in a combo, which includes their fresh cut fries and fountain soda.

Burger is served medium well, with choice of Cheddar, Swiss, or Monterey as add-ons for .75¢.  Bacon is another option, costing the same.  There is the distinct, ‘darker’ flavor that comes with true, Certified Angus Beef provided here, and with the way they build the burger that’s what the main attraction is.

Bread is high, giving their burger shape a bit more exaggeration to the standard form, but not too rich; again, the build yields appropriately to the taste of the CAB.

Fresh cut fries are consistent in size and, while prepared nicely and hold enjoyable flavor, are not stand-out, though perhaps they aren’t meant to be.

Acme comes across as a place that, truly, decides to keep it simple, but with quality ingredients.  A scan of their menu shows no ‘fringe’ or ‘exclusive’ creations to choose from; rather, they decide to show off the best of tried-and-true forms via the high-quality ingredients they choose.



Staff is friendly and pleasant, and the time it takes to fulfill a made-to-order is just about as much time as the major competitor mentionedi earlier.

Burger build is efficient and clean; overall, no complaints to be said about transactional routine here.



If your hunger isn’t accompanied by the mood for ambience, Acme burger offers the option of good food for a quick stop, and is definitely a better option than your standard fast food.  Quality is top and setting is clean, simple, and charming.  Take it to go instead if you’re on the move; the results won’t disappoint.


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