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By on March 28, 2012

Shoe shopping, wow! It’s not always good times looking for a pair of kicks that will suit you.  I used to work at a very popular shoe store throughout college. Aside from refining my ability to sell and up sell a client, I also learned how to size up the customer and find something that suites them.  My manager at the time taught me to analyze a client by what they are wearing when they walk in the store. ‘Analyze their body language upon approach’ he would always tell me. And like a chess move, always, always let them pick something up from the shelf first.  This allows the sales associate to gage what style range and colour the client is looking for. I can confidently say that 99% of the time a client would pick up a basic black shoe.  We are all programmed to choose something that is in our norm. The purpose of this article is to shed some light on those styles and colours of shoes that you likely wouldn’t consider, and open you up to broadening your style. What you wear or choose to wear says a lot about your personality and taste.

There are different variations of toe styles for men; golf toe, pointed toe, moc toe, plain toe, split toe, cap toe and many others. But we will just stick to the basic of the many cuts and styles:

Round Toe Oxford – This shows that you are very conventional, not into change, like to have control over what you wear. And would consider alternatives, but will most likely stick to what feels and looks right.

Square Toe – This shows that you are not too conventional. You want to be trendy, but you are not sure of what trendy exactly is. No worry, a lot of us don’t.  The way fashion keeps changing, cost, and season make it difficult to follow. Square toes tend to take us out of the norm and generally is a big leap from the normal.

Golf Toe & Pointed Toe – This shows that you are more open with your metro-sexuality. You are more of a trend setter than a trend follower. You want people to see that you know how to wear your shoe of choice with confidence.  If people make fun of the sleekness you usually brush it off and get on with your day.

Slip-On – This style of shoe has hit the biggest fashion buzz. The style resembles a slipper type of look with a thicker sole to be worn outdoors.  Guys who rock these have the free spirit personality, very comfortable, cool and try to stir up a look. They are very open with their fashion sense, and aren’t timid to show it.

Moccasin – These are generally worn by guys who are also individuals, they want to be comfortable yet stylish, and show a versatile attitude toward what they wear. Wearing them without socks is more adventurous and rebellious. The no sock wear involves a huge level of comfort with people possibly seeing some ankle.

Loafer – This shows that you like a simple sleek look, no fuss no muss.  Laces tend to get in your way. Small obstacles throw you off from your day and you don’t like to leave loose ends.

Lace-Up – This shows more control over your day to day life. Lace ups are generally seen as being traditional and classical. From the round toe, pointed toe to the classic banker or plain look. Laces are worn buy guys who have control over their own level of comfort.  Now as far as lace ups go, lacing has two basic types, V style open throat lacing, or blucher (bloo-ker) lacing. V style lacing; the vamp (flap or part that covers the tongue) or eyelets form the shape of a V when tightened. Blucher; the lacing is completely parallel with the other side when tightened.

Ankle Boot – These types of shoes can vary from height below or above the ankle bone. This shows that you are a little insecure, it could be because of the possibility of not knowing howto match socks to your outfit, or you don’t like to feel revealed with your sense of style. Makes one feel more secure and in tune with theirlook. Ankle boots indeed add refined neat look to particular styles.

Boat Shoe – The boat shoe style has taken on a twist from its Gilligan’s island beginning to incorporate vibrant colours, crazy designs, over embellished patterns. This style is pretty hot. Like moccasins the boat shoes are generally worn by guys who are also individuals, they want to be comfortable yet stylish, and also show a versatile attitude toward what they wear. Wearing them without socks is more adventurous and care free.

Chukka Boot or Desert Boot – I remember this style when I was a kid, and I have always wanted a pair.  Desert boots have soft supple suede finish that is comfortable for people on the go.  This type of style is very simple.  This shows that you are very conventional, not into change, like to have control over what you wear want comfort and to be versatile.

To really step up your game you can consider styles that have accents or detailing, perforated holes, toe caps and stitched leather patterns.  You can choose what best suits your look.

Colour of Shoe and your personality

I remember, I once overhead someone saying ‘guys who wear white shoes cannot be trusted’. This made me laugh because at that moment I was wearing egg shell colour loafers. Truth is; the colour we choose does portray our distinctive personality types, it’s just a matter of knowing what that particular colour represents. Wearing a different colour, out of the norm, shows a person’s open mindedness to change, to think outside of the box and be different.

Below is a brief description of colours and what it may say about the person wearing them, aside from just sheer preference of taste.

  • Black – Seriousness, boldness and being classy and conventional
  • Brown – Subtle nuances, tries to fit in with the surroundings but has minor tendencies to stand out
  • Grey/silver – Authority, practicality being conventional but border line.
  • White – Purity, truthfulness being contemporary and refined
  • Red – Passion, strength and boldness
  • Blue – Dignity, security universally popular
  • Purple – Spirituality, upscale and artistic
  • Green – Health, tranquility and sense of ease
  • Yellow –Positivity, stands out from the norm
  • Orange – Fun, warmth stands out from the norm

We have taken a brief journey to understand the different styles and cuts of shoes, and the relation of colour to personality. Now it’s your choice, choose something out of your comfort zone, take chances and try new experiences. If you want to look sharp, why not complete the look with stylish footgear. If you can wear something and wear it well and with class, everything else will just follow. After all; a man is judged by his shoes, all the rest are just details.


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