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On June 19, 2012 Microsoft decided to pull a move straight from Apple’s playbook and host a top secret meeting in Los Angeles, CA. Well done Ballmer, there’s no doubt Apple has had success with this play numerous times before. The key to a successful implementation of the product however, is getting it to market right away following an announcement like this. So I’m hoping for Microsoft’s sake they have something brewing in the background, because we will not be seeing this tablet until the end of the year. Apparently, for lack of a better name, they’ve gone with ‘Surface’ and there’s not a whole lot in terms of specs but from what we know:


Windows RT

USB 2.0 port/MicroSD

VaporMg Case/Stand

Magnetic connector – Touch cover/Type cover

10.6 inch ClearType HD screen



Windows 8 Pro

USB 3.0 port/MicroSDXC

VaporMg Case/Stand

Magnetic connector – Touch cover/Type cover/Pen and Palm block

10.6 inch ClearType full HD screen


All specs above can be found at the following link:


So there will be two versions released 3 months apart. An ARM based tablet for Windows RT, and a Intel based tablet for Windows 8 Pro. If you don’t know already, Windows 8 will come in 2 flavors, RT and Pro; to run on tablet processors based on ARM and x64 architecture processors respectively. It’s a very good move on Microsoft’s part by releasing a 64 bit version of this tablet for people that have heavier computing needs and still want the advantages and fluidity of a touch screen.

The whole package looks like..wait for it…a tablet PC!! There’s very little innovation going on with designs of the slabs we’re seeing nowadays, probably because there’s very little room for improvement. They’re pretty much all glass, and all look alike, and the only visible differentiating factor is the size. So there’s no reinvention of the wheel here, but having a full touch based Windows on a tablet would be heavily appealing for business users seeing how most of their office networks are already on Windows. Besides, everyone knows hardware doesn’t mean anything without a bug free OS. As long as the hardware runs the software seamlessly it could be a monkey with a crank inside for all I care.

For now ill approach this carefully, there still isn’t anything on processors, ram and graphics, not to mention we wont see this baby until the holiday season. We all know how quickly interest is lost between announcement and launch, and the fact that everyone and their mother is trying to make a tablet now adays is sure to muddy the waters. Many competitors have tried to take on the iPad head on and many have fallen before Apple in the tablet wars, the question now being: whats going to set Microsoft apart from the crowd?



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