E.Ro Denero’s…Shock Value!

By on July 20, 2012

Life is a balancing act

Everyone has a talent or a motivation; it’s just a matter of understanding it once it’s discovered.

Egomagonline.com had a “get to know your ego” interview with one of our own, Rohan aka E.Ro Denero and here is his story.

Born in India, Rohan moved to Canada at age 4, it is here where he developed an interest in the diversities of music and its influence on people.  At the early age of 9, while other kids were playing outside, E.Ro Denero had started experimenting with recording his own music on his stereo and learning to rap on the fly to the beat. As he got older his mind opened to the possibilities of writing. To some of us writing can be a very daunting thing, but for others it’s an escape from reality. Rohan reflected on a moment in his younger years when he submitted a written piece in a school essay contest, which taught him a very important life lesson; to welcome adversity and never give up on your passion. To Rohan’s dismay his teacher told him his work was not good, a low blow to any individual. However, this incident, instead of bringing out the worst, brought out the best. “My teacher told me [my piece] was garbage, but everyone who read it cried. So I thought that it’s probably a good story, and this guy is just an a**hole. That’s when I thought maybe I can actually write”. This was the motivation he needed to start expressing himself through music. As most of us have experienced, in life there are obstacles and there are things that can bring out our worst. Rejection and negativity have long term affects in sculpting and molding what we become as we get older. We just need to learn to redirect that negative energy to a positive path and be better.

Rohan’s interest in writing and music carried throughout his teens when he moved to British Colombia, Canada. There he met new faces who had deep motivations and creative souls, like minded individuals, allowing him to practice more with an older and wiser mentality.  Rohan has had a lot of encouragement from family and friends, which has gone a long way in contributing to his musical, rapping and writing endeavors.

To be a rapper, or any performer, for that matter takes a lot of patience and out of the box thinking, much like that of a writer. As a writer imagines a climax and forms everything around it, a rapper creates a hook that sparks, influencing the lyrics and even the beat. Rohan’s ability to rap goes hand in hand with his ability to write. He creates a verse and then bases everything around it. His style is very direct yet humorous.

“I don’t idolize rappers…I get inspiration from people like Eminem,

and west coast rappers.  I’m into them because of what they bring to the table…


“People don’t put enough emphasis on lyric nowadays; it’s all about the beats.

You’re not making the beats if you’re the rapper. You need some way to get noticed…

You can’t just be the guy that raps over a sick beat, it can be a part of that, but you have

to have some rhymes to go along with it and have some substance.”

E.Ro Denero performed in front of a live crowd at the age of 21 at bar on College and Spadina, downtown Toronto called the El Mocambo. He then went on to perform in several more venues and continues to this day.

“My first time was a nerve wracking experience…it was a small show in front of 20-25


The bar was a dusty and grungy as hell…but it was fun.

That’s where I learned to open up.”

One thing is for certain, in order to maintain a steady daytime job and pursue his dreams on the side is definitely a balancing act. “you have to be able to go to work to make ends meet, you don’t get paid to perform at most of these shows, but you got to make it out there when given the opportunity and give it your all.”

Nowadays, there are more people achieving their dreams or freelancing side jobs while working a day job. 2.67 million people in Canada are pursuing their own thing as we speak. This is an incredible thing as it shows a vast increase in the population’s creative needs. As the old Confucius adage says. “Choose a job you love, and you will never work a day in your life” E.Ro Denero’s dream is to become an independent musician, although he wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to sign to a label for the opportunity to grow. However, for an artist of his calibre, remaining independent will allow him to keep more artistic freedom and control over his own music.

“People need to hear what you truly have to say…

you do need a good beat to get the heads bobbin’,

 but the #1 thing is a good lyric in order to set yourself apart from the rest.”

E.Ro Denero’s rap style is direct and humorous. He uses a multi syllabic, also known as multies. It is an emceeing style where rhymes contain two or more syllables. The best example can be found on a website http://flocabulary.com/multies/.

Normal rhyme:       cat / hat
Multi rhyme:           my cat / hi-hat
or a longer multi:   bit my cat / hit the hi-hat

“Rhyming one word to another word will work

If you want to be a run of the mill rapper.

You can do that for an album or two but it’s not going to cut it after the second one.

You must have lyrical talent.

And a must is that you gotta know how to ‘Multi’ “


There’s no doubt that we live in a fast paced mass media marketed society where change is ever constant. In a world where the abundance of styles in music causes Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), we find promise and great possibility in E.Ro Denero’s quality, creativity, humor and…shock value!

“The ego is what drives you,

 it’s what makes you want to get up in the morning and just grind man”

E.Ro Denero-




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