iPhone 5 – Major Changes? or Minor Details?….

By on September 16, 2012

I’ve got to say, with all the hype surrounding this thing I really was quite disappointed today when I saw the apple keynote address. Don’t get me wrong, I saw some amazing features but it seems like most of what was announced today either was a no brainer, or just ended up pissing someone off.  Let’s take a quick overview:

  • Increase screen size to 4 inch diagonal, not wider….just taller, oddly enough
  • Reduced size and weight – 7.6mm 112 grams
  • LTE and improved WIFI
  • iOS 6: new maps, notifications, passbook, siri updates,
  • New dock connector
  • isight 8mp camera


Let’s start with the good:

The new maps; Haven’t gotten a chance to use it, but the 3d flyover mode looks amazing. Also turn by turn directions (something that has been available on other platforms for years) is a long awaited feature.The reduced weight and thickness really doesn’t matter but they look nice. Passbook lets you carry gift cards, airline tickets, show tickets on your iPhone using QR codes (NOT NFC?!?!?). Siri now books reservations, updates Facebook status, checks sports scores, and recommends movies.


The stuff that should have been included forever:

Turn by turn directions, increased screen size, lte, panorama, FaceTime on cellular.

FaceTime over cellular is something that should have been an option from the start, how often do you have a wifi signal when a random video chat comes in, and if you do you’re probably around your laptop anyway. The rest have been around forever.  But I forgot, when apple does something, it’s suddenly “revolutionary.”


The piss offs:

You guessed it.  That damned dock connector.  If you’ve been a previous owner of an iPhone or iPod chances are that you have some accessory or cable that uses the 30 pin connector, well get ready to get gouged again because you will have to pony up for an adapter before you can use the new iPhone with any speaker dock or accessory.  Also it seems like they put an iPhone 4s camera into the iPhone 5, but made it smaller so at least they worked hard. I guess we’ll see when we get to play around with it a bit and take some pictures. Finally, the absence of NFC, mobile payments and easy file sharing are banking on this technology and guess who’s missing it.


Final Thoughts…

So in the end, am I really impressed? Slightly. Am I going to buy one? Probably not. I’d like to play with one for a bit but I feel like apple thinks people are stupid and as soon as they make a minor change or upgrade people will line up in hoards to throw money at them. The reality is they’re probably right, the average consumer won’t care that it’s a minor change, they just want to be seen rocking the newest iPhone. But with new platforms emerging (WP8, BB10) and older ones getting complete overhauls (Android Jellybean). Apple has to stop banking on its previous success and bring something game changing to the table.  Until then, I’ll be looking around for something that better suits my needs. Stay tuned for a comprehensive review on how lousy ios6 will be for iPhone 4 users, from the perspective of an iPhone 4 user, when I upgrade later this week.


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