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By on March 17, 2013

As some of you may have noticed already we recently launched the EGO Magazine application for Blackberry smartphones and tablets. The application allows our readers to easily access new articles we’ve posted and share them with their friends through a number of different avenues (Facebook, Twitter, BBM).


Blackberry has recently undergone a massive series of changes and with the newest Blackberry 10 operating system launching a couple of weeks back the Developer relations team is eager to get new and veteran application developers on board with the new platform. Let’s just say it seems to be working, Blackberry 10 initially launched with 75,000 apps. More than any other operating system in its first iteration. But why would you want to develop for a Blackberry? The simple answer is CHOICE!

Blackberry 10 supports a number of different application platforms making it easy for existing app makers to port their creation over with a few simple changes. Blackberry 10 supports C/C++, HTML5, Adobe AIR, and Android runtime. Not to mention they make it ridiculously easy for handsome writers (hint, hint) to create applications through the existing RSS feed from our website using the Blackberry app generator.


Blackberry is really making an effort here to be welcoming to existing developers, and it shows. And if an app you use isn’t there just yet, it may be available by sideloading the existing android app. So we decided to show our gratitude over here at EGO and say Thanks Blackberry! Thanks for making it that easy to get our app up and running.


Check out Blackberry World for Ego Magazine Online, hit up the link on your phone or tablet and download the app at

Available for Blackberry 5, 6, 7 smartphones, the Blackberry Playbook tablet, and New Blackberry 10 Smartphones.


Learn more about developing for Blackberry at


And look out for some screenshots of the app below on Blackberry 10 (left) and Blackberry 7 (right)



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