Quick & Dirty Movie Review: Oblivion

By on April 23, 2013

Nudity, drama, blood curdling screams, action, passion and feeling of being breathless after an hour and a half. Now I am either talking about a great night of sex or the movie Oblivion. For those who have seen this movie then I am obviously talking about SEX and not the first of the many action packed flicks of the season; Oblivion.

Tom Cruise has decided to make another action movie that attempts to reach a certain target group; couldn’t tell you who that is though. It ends leaving you wondering for only a few seconds “what just happened?”, then your thoughts turn to “where did I park the car again?”. In the trailer it would appear this is a big budget action movie, add to that Tom Cruise is in it! Well this movie is very disappointing in my opinion since it had a very slow start, butter churning middle part and only a brief set of action at the end. You begin to think there is no point to the story (There isn’t says this bitter movie assassin critic!), you could even say the plot itself had ADD.

Now there are good points as well, the two leading ladies are very good looking and there are some cool visuals. In fact, this movie had much potential to be something very good. If only there was a sense of a direct plot and more focus on certain key scenes this could have been a much more entertaining movie.

You do see signs of a Matrix theme and a horrible feeling of the movie Contact (yes that Jodi Foster movie that had ZERO sense). Truly the last 15 minutes of the movie did make what I paid for the movie balance out. So go ahead and see the movie if you were late for a much better movie and set your expectations to NUMB.

Brought to you by the Movie Assassin Critic!


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