Quick & Dirty Movie Review: Iron Man 3

By on May 7, 2013

Iron Man 3

There’s been a lot of mixed reviews on this summer flick, here’s my take on the man of iron’s third attempt.

Take one large order of intense action and a side order of violence and what you have is a recipe for an AWESOME Guys Movie!  The plot is enough to keep you interested and the non-stop fight scenes and explosions are more than enough to make you wish you had one of those Iron Man suits.

This installment of the Iron Man movie series is very different from that of the first two; some say The Avengers movie had something to do with that. The movie delves deeper into the human side of the Iron Man story and brings the Pepper Potts character to a more front and centre role in the story. They move to a darker feel resembling that of the Dark Knight by use of noticeable and personally much appreciated violence which was lacking in the prior installments. Nothing says rib-breaking action like an angry, arrogant billionaire!

Now don’t get me wrong it wasn’t all “BOOM” and” BANG” there were well placed comic relief scenes that added that break to the intense pace of the movie. aThe”Mandarin” is all I have to say on that topic! This movie does have some predictable scenes as you would expect from an action movie like this but there was at least one twist that will certainly catch you off guard. There were a few plot lines that made about as much sense as continually throwing those sexy Audi’s in your face.

By the end of the movie however, you begin to think “Where are they going with this story?”, “Is it over?” and “What is up with Pepper Potts?”. The movie ends in such a way that makes you think they either ran out of budget and the writers quit. This results in an ending that makes you want to use words that I cannot (but desperately want to) type.

Despite this, in my not so humble opinion, GO SEE THE MOVIE! I give it two “big bags of popcorn up”! If you have already seen this movie and didn’t like it, then go back and see it again and don’t come out until you like it or for the very least don’t come out until you find the popcorn monster that ate my bag of popcorn because I swear I couldn’t have eaten that myself.

Another movie assassination brought to you by the Movie Assassin Critic.





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