3 Devices You’ll Want To Keep Poolside

By on July 21, 2013

Gone are the days of putting your phone in a ziplock bag! Alright, I know no one did this anyway, but in all seriousness water damage continues to be one of the leading causes of device repairs. What makes it worse is that manufacturer warranties and carriers do not cover water damage in their contracts. Here’s 3 devices you won’t have to worry about water damage with. Take ’em on vacation with you, throw ’em in the pool, or have a read while your sitting in the tub. You can relax knowing that if you accidentally have a slip, and the device ends up the way the titanic did, you won’t have as dire the consequences. Check it out:


Samsung S4 Active


Photo: www.samsung.com


The S4 active is another variation of the Samsung galaxy S4, the hugely popular top selling Android smartphone. While it retains all the same features of a regular S4, it adds water resistance up to 30 minutes and 1 meter and a camera mode for underwater shots. The innards might be the same as a regular S4 but the screen is LCD instead of super AMOLED, and it includes hardware buttons instead of capacitive (I’m sure you don’t want to be fiddling with capacitive buttons underwater). You’ll be flashing underwater bikini shots in no time!







Sony Xperia Tablet Z


Photo: www.sony.ca


The Sony Xperia Tablet Z follows the same principles: its water resistant up to 1 meter, for up to 30 minutes. It’s front panel includes an anti-shatter film, don’t be throwing darts at it though, just in case…but it should hold up to regular dings and wear. Watching an HD movie in the pool on the 1920×1200 screen may be just what you need to relax on a hot day this summer and the quad core qualcomm processor will make sure it will keep up with whatever you need to do kickin’ it in a hot tub with some ladies.



BOOM Urchin Water-Resistant Bluetooth Speaker


Photo: www.boommovement.com/


The Urchin is the perfect poolside companion to your smartphone or other bluetooth enabled device, pump those jams out wirelessly without fear of dreaded water damage! The speaker is water resistant even if your phone isn’t, so keep the device as close as you want. Also has a convenient clip if you wanna stroll down the block blasting music like a real boss!









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