The ESPY Awards Are a Joke

By on July 21, 2013

story-2013-espy-awards-showmill-2-209795The ESPY Awards past this last week, and really this unmitigated overgrown popularity contest was in full swing and truly promoted the faults of this ego building catastrophe. NBA’s reigning “King” was the big winner, and once again just proves how biased ESPN really is- that’s another argument in itself.

Awards should stay out of the hands of the fans and stay within the hands of the professionals. As Lebron James is a fantastic “athlete” in the basic sense of the adjective, but to label him as Athlete of the year sounds a little presumptuous. But due to ESPN’s massive spanning coverage of the NBA this more celebrity than professional athlete has more of a reach then the likes of Miguel Cabrera or Michael Phelps- who posts world records every time he hops into a pool. But nope, Lebron James is definitely the athlete of the year. Give me a break, if sports writers and professionals had their say in who should be taking home the title I can guarantee a debate would ensue.

ESPN, the “authority on sports awards” doesn’t even cover all the sports in the world as much as it does two out of the four big North American professional leagues. Athletes of certain sports begin with disadvantages of taking home an “ESPY” due to a sports network that chooses what to cover. Lebron will always win because he is drilled into every “Phelps” mind at the beginning, middle, and end of every SportsCentre program. If I am ESPN and I say that the Dung Beetle is lebron-james-espy-20131just fantastic and show you replay’s of said Dung Beetle rolling his ball of shit more than 50 times a day, people will get on board. That is exactly what the ESPY’s are. How much exposure can one athlete receive ultimately to bring home a trophy.  If I was a professional athlete I would be belittled by this award show. Awards should be given to those who deserve them not because they cover tabloids. Michael Phelps makes history again… let’s give it to Lebron. Miguel Cabrera accomplishes a feat so rare it has only been done 17 times since 1878… nope, sorry Lebron.

This irrelevant awards show is simply insulting, over-hyped and downright ego boosting. If ESPN wants to call itself a true sports network, and not a gossip community no better than TMZ they should drop this. Can anybody tell me what ESPY stands for? Can anyone tell me who previous winners are? And don’t say Lebron because I swear to god. The criteria for the awards is nowhere to be found it’s just who do you think should win and let the masses decide.

Maybe receiving an ESPY isn’t number one on most athletes’ lists of accomplishments; maybe that’s why winners aren’t shedding any tears at the podium like at the Academy Awards. So why have them in the first place -trust me the winners of these awards definitely do not need more coverage.  I have never heard an athlete talk about his accomplishments and incorporate his “ESPY’s” in the mix.

All in all the ESPY Awards are really more or less a high school prom king and queen event in comparison.  Someone is always completely left out and usually the most popular guy in school wins. Just like prom I’m sure the “after-party” is insane!

I am not a professional just an opinionated asshole.




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