Quick & Dirty Movie Review: The Wolverine

By on July 31, 2013

The action packed Wolverine sequel just premièred this past Friday July 26th 2013. Spoiler alert, crucial elements of the movie are going to be revealed, if you don’t mind then keep on reading. 

The second instalment takes you on a ride to Japan where Logan (Wolverine) is forced out of hiding in the Canadian wilderness where he seeks refuge to pine in guilt for killing his love Jean Grey. Logan is beckoned by an old friend from his past, whose life he saved in a POW camp in Nagasaki during the bombing in 1945. This old friend, Yashida, now the CEO of a major Japanese technology company, wishes to repay the favour by offering Logan the opportunity to live a mutant free life, by curing him of his adamantium curse. Logan travels to Japan where he must faces his guilt and fears and kicks some ass while he’s at it.

I went into the movie with high expectations because the first instalment to the wolverine franchise was actually a decent movie, and, I am a huge fan of the Wolverine comics. Although the past X-Men flicks have pretty much been a wash, X-Men: First Class (2011) turned out to be a good fresh start to the franchise. The telling of the story behind Wolverine was a brilliant move on Marvels part, to take fans to another plateau to get out of the X-Men trilogy funk.

There is no doubt there have been many bait and switches when it comes to making a movie out of a comic book. Many of our favourite superheroes, alter ego’s and super-villains fall victim to role changes that don’t jive with the traditional story lines. Sometimes it’s necessary because the storyline is to vast to wrap up in a 2 hour movie, but some are not so lucky as sometimes the movie turns out to be a train wreck.

It’s not all gravy though; the newest Wolverine instalment had one major let down, the Silver Samurai turns out to be a robot.  Yes! I was kind of disappointed with this decision also. To veer so much away from the original comic storyline makes you wondering just what the hell the director and producer were thinking.

In the original comic series the Silver Samurai is Keniuchio Harada, the son of a former Japanese crime lord and head of the Yashida clan, Shingen Harada. In the movie the Silver Samurai is a robotic adamantium exoskeleton that encases the dying Yashida. The Silver Samurai traditionally battles many marvel superheroes like Spider-man, Daredevil, Electra, Shang chi and the obvious, Wolverine to name a few. The metal warrior eventually teams up with Wolverine to battle an extra-dimensional monster named Doombringer. The movie takes a different approach, the plot twist is revealed in the final battle sequence. Before Wolverine narrowly defeats the Silver Samurai, he manages to knock off his adamantium helmet revealing Yashida inside at the helm.

Even though the movie clearly has a huge deficiency that contrasts with the original comic, it was still a really good watch. The scripting was very well done, the acting was spot on. Hugh Jackman has many witty one liners that keep you laughing. As for the action…all I can say is wait until you see the “Bullet Train” sequence, and you will catch my drift.

Be sure to spend a little bit extra and take UltraAVX 3D option, it will make it a better movie experience. And be sure to stick around till after the credits, you are definitely in for a huge surprise. Get ready to start clapping, trust me you won’t be disappointed!

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