The Most Bang For Your Buck?

By on September 25, 2013

The Beats Pill is Monster’s go at a Bluetooth wireless speaker under the Beats by Dre branding, the device itself resembles a pill and comes wrapped in a creative blister package like you would find with medication, all in all it comes down to the small things and this speaker gets a thumbs up for presentation.

The speaker comes with a carrying case, charging cables and an aux cable and clip for your jeans or backpack. Overall a very good looking device and easy to use, if your phone has nfc just tap to the back of the speaker and play a song, easy peasy!

The sound quality is enough to fill a room easily, but the lack of bass made it sound high and distorted when listening to hip hop or dubstep music. It seems that this is a common problem among wireless speakers, unless you go large the bass seems to be nearly non existent. For such a heavy price tag you would think Monster and Dr.Dre could have figured out a problem that seems to almost kill a product which was made for hip hop in mind.

My opinion is simply this, if you want to spend money on a trendy speaker which is easy to use and sounds pretty good, you may want to go with the Beats Pill. If I wanted a speaker to carry around I probably wouldn’t want to spend this much money on it but to each his own. We also tested a Sony NFC speaker which is less than half the price of the pill and sounds only slightly worse. I was pleasantly surprised however with how loud these two speakers got, both outputted sound that could be heard down the hallway from my apartment which is pretty good and may cause a few complaints in the name of testing! If your looking for a bookshelf Bluetooth speaker or something to keep in your living room, go bigger, the bigger the speaker the better the bass will be it seems, if you do a lot of a travelling and need a really loud portable speaker go with either of the choices below and you wont be disappointed. The Sony NFC speaker seemed to have the same issues that plagued the beats pill but came at a lower cost overall and was more portable at about half the size. Keep in mind though that the pill has 2 speakers while the NFC is a single unit, for the lower cost you will sacrifice battery life as well as sound quality so the choice is yours, my money is going elsewhere.



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