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By on October 29, 2013

iPad Air

Last week Apple announced its yearly refresh to the iPad line. What came from that event was both awesome and confusing at the same time. First up we have the all new iPad “AIR”, following the Macbook Air line. Apple’s marketing division definitely thought it was a good idea to keep their branding the same across product categories. The iPad AIR is of course, thinner and lighter than the last iPad, and we would expect no less, it boasts a frame similar to the ipad mini of last year with reduced vertical bezels and comes in space gray or silver. Next up, we have the iPad Mini with retina display which seems to have all the same specs as the new iPad Air except squeezed into a smaller display which means an almost 200 more ppi. While the air has a larger 9.7 inch display, the almost 8 inch display of the Mini is quite a pleasant combination of size and usability. Both run on a new 64bit architecture and have a new M7 motion co-processor to take some load off the CPU.

The old Mini will stick around as well for almost the same price point as before but in a mind boggling decision, someone decided to scrap the last generation iPad 4 and go with the iPad 2 instead. I know, sounds crazy right? The iPad 2 is an almost 3 year old device with specs that can barely hold up to today’s standards. Why they decided to keep this piece of history around instead of the iPad 4 is beyond me. Some people seem to think its to make the higher models seem like a steal, and that does make quite a bit of sense.

Overall I expected nothing different from Apple, a couple incremental increases and so on but nothing groundbreaking. In their defense why change something that’s doing so well. iPad continues to have the lions share of the tablet market despite it’s large price point, so I would assume they intend to milk this for as long as they can without making huge changes. When it’s all said and done we do have a very nice product lineup here minus the iPad 2, and hopefully the next refresh will put that to bed.

Check out below for the specs of each:

Apple Product Comparison

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