The Walking Dead – S4 E3 “Isolation” Recap and Review

By on October 29, 2013

The Walking Dead – S4 E3 “Isolation”  Recap and Review

***Spoiler Alert***

Plague at the prison, Hershel has a death wish, Daryl can’t pay attention to the road, and Carol is a Corleone after all.  Episode 3 of season 4, “Isolation”, pushes along the plague story line and introduces us to the mega herd.

We start with Glenn and Maggie again, only not after waking up from bed this time!  Ok, so they’re only digging graves together, but it’s a start.  We move into the courtyard with Tyrese explaining how he came across the charred corpses of Karen and David to Rick, Daryl and Carol.  Tyrese loses it on Daryl before throwing down with Rick, causing the ever so balanced Rick to go all violent and rampage on him.  Take that Junk Yard Dog, that’s why you were never world champion!

Hershel and Dr. Subramanian (aka M. Night Shyamalan), put down Prison Extra # 12 who has just succumbed to his bite and flu.  Hershel is seen wrapping up Rick’s bruised hand while informing him that the flu pandemic is spreading.

Determined to bury Karen and David, Tyrese ignores his Rick-inflicted wounds.  Bob gets some much needed face time here, picking up a shovel and helping Tyrese dig.  Rick apologizes for smashing his hand on Tyrese’s face and they make up, though I can’t help but wonder why Tyrese is wearing a toque in the middle of summer in Altlanta.

Dr. M. Night Shyamalan is sick.  Glenn is sick.  So this flu has mutated to hit mostly visible minorities now?  Has an adult white male been infected yet?  Zombie Potter doesn’t count because he was a half-blood, duh!

Sasha starts violently coughing.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  Not Sasha!  Oh well, serves me right for getting attached.  The council decide to hit a veterinarian hospital 50 miles out hoping that there will be some antibiotics remaining that could help to treat the super virus.  Hershel wanting to join the team, is reminded by Daryl that he has all the mobility of Captain Ahab and had better stay.  Hershel responds with “I can draw you a map”.  Best line of the episode!

Lizzie gets sick, because she’s not a white male.  Lt. Ripley Corleone, I mean Carol, gently directs her to quarantine, instructing her to go to Glenn because he’s excellent at tucking in – ugh, that just sounded creepy.

Beth has been given the duty of watching Judith and is quarantined with her separate from all others.  Not a bad way to shelf two characters who we both don’t have time to develop at the moment, and quite frankly, don’t care about.  Maybe this isolation makes Beth go loopy, Flower s in the Attic style.  One can only hope.  An eat the cookie scene with Hershel would be priceless!


Speaking of Hershel, he and mini-Rick (Carl) go berry picking in the woods and come across Treebeard walker and bear trap walker.  Carl does not shoot, showing that he has developed better judgement as to when to hold back and when to shoot Marvin in the face.



 Use sunscreen or else!

Later on Maggie catches her pops entering the quarantined cell block.  Enter Rick and the three of them argue over Hershel entering to aid the sick.  Hershel gives a last stand-type speech, stating that he’s willing to risk dying to help the sick, and enters Cell Block A.  After having M. Night Shyamalan cough infected blood in his face, similar to the way MNS coughs up waste of money movies to the public, Hershel takes off his mask, knowing that he is most likely infected already.  He visits Glenn as well, offering encouragement to keep on keeping on.

The away team of Daryl, Michonne, Bob, and Tyrese are cruising along when they pick up a radio signal with a distorted voice.  For some reason the driver, Daryl, is the only one not watching the road and they plow through a few walkers and come to a full stop when they see the mega herd.  Thousands upon thousands of walkers are coming down the road.  In panic mode they reverse but get stuck on a pile of the dead shredding the hell out of several with the rear tire – sweet!  They make a break for the forest but leave Tyrese, who has gone into suicidal zombie kill mode.  They make it through to a clearing.  Tyrese amazingly reappears, covered in zombie guts but alive, and the four move on.  This is a great scene as Tyrese is finally given the badass zombie killing character development fans of the graphic novels are familiar with.  In fact, the scene is similar to one that happens in the book, though the setting was changed from inside the prison to the forest.

Back at the prison, Carol heads outside of the prison fences to clear out the water cistern.  Walkers start homing in on her and Rick is forced to come out and explode a few zombie heads.  Both make it in alive and after scolding her for such a careless act, Rick states that he knows Carol would do anything to protect the tribe and asks if she killed Karen and David.  Like a true Corleone , Carol coldly and calmly says yes, and walks off.  Kiss the ring.

Episode three was decent, though it proceeded at a much slower pace than the previous two.  It had a lot of family on family conversations; Tyrese and Sasha, Hershel and Beth, Hershel and Maggie, Maggie and Hershel, Rick and Carl, and all served well for push forward to some much needed character development in characters that have been glossed over recently, namely Maggie, Beth and Sasha.  Despite not getting much screen time, Glenn’s character seems to be picking up…that is if he doesn’t die from the flu.

Caligula’s rating:

Overall: 2 bear trap walkers out of 5

 Mega herd scene: 4.5 Tyrese hammer shots to the head out of  5

Carol’s admission: 4 charred Woodbury survivors out of 5


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