The Walking Dead – S4 E4 “Indifference” Recap and Review

By on November 5, 2013


Carol is still stone cold, Daryl gives a mean face, Bob is a boozer, and Rick votes a favorite off the island-its episode 4 of season 4 of the Walking Dead.  “Indifference” is a slow burn of an episode, not offering much action or build up, but shocking us in the end with the departure of a main character.

We start off with seeing Rick in detective mode retracing the chilling steps taken by Carol in her murder of Karen and David.   The stabbing, the dragging of the bodies, and burning of the corpses all vividly visualized by Rick is a very creative scene that shows the ruthlessness of Carol’s crime.  Sure, Karen and David were stock characters that only existed so they can be slaughtered by Carol in order to develop her character, but here you really get the sense that they were…stock characters that only existed so they can be slaughtered by Carol in order to develop her character.  In any case, great scene that worked even better since it was shown on parallel with Carol speaking in a motherly way with Lizzie through the quarantine glass.  Lizzie is instructed on how to kill when the rest of the sick people die and come back.  Reality check Lizzie, you ain’t dealing with voodoo dancing Bernie.  I know I keep harping on the Carol as Lt. Ripley thing, but damn if Lizzie didn’t remind me of Newt  in this scene.  Rick and Carol then head off on a supply run.

We switch over to the away team of Daryl, Michonne, Tyrese and Bob who are looking for a new set of wheels after losing their last one to the mega herd.  Daryl and Michonne briefly flirt, and they stop because if we know anything for sure it’s that hooking up in the apocalypse means death-that’s right, if you’re singing with Akon, you’re gonna die, but I digress.  They find a car and a few walkers where Tyrese looks like he still has a death wish, walkers die, we move on.  Not the most action packed scene, but at least we get something.  They move into the interior of a gas station.  This scene had no real significance other than bearded and bald zombie gets stabbed in the head with the men’s room key by Bob.  Awesome!  Not super gory but still the kill of the episode based simply on random creativity.  Bob gets some character development, speaking with Daryl about his past groups all being killed and his thirst for liquor being the reason for the most awesome helicopter and zombie crash through the roof scene from episode 1.  Daryl’s like, “It’s ok man, that was a really cool scene”.  Bob’s says, “But Zach died”.  Daryl says, “That was gonna happen anyway, he was dating Beth and hooking up in the zombie apocalypse means death”.  Bob says, “Man that sucks”.  Okay fine, the scene didn’t go EXACTLY like that, but one can dream.

Cut back to Rick and Carol looting a suburb.  They kill a pajama zombie before finding the lovey dovey couple. One hillbilly boy with a dislocated shoulder, Sam, and one limpy hippie flower child girl Ana.  After relocating Sam’s shoulder and asking their three questions, Sam and Ana are deemed worthy to join the prison.  Instead of sitting tight, they insist on helping Rick and Carol loot the houses.  To absolutely no one’s surprise, Sam and Ana are zombie chowder in T+five minutes because, again, hooking up in the zombie apocalypse means death.  Man that does suck.  Carol and Rick continue to discuss Carol’s murders.  Carol officially shows her new persona when she goes absolutely badass and tells Rick that he doesn’t have to like what she does, but that he just has to accept it.  Oooo, ice cold sista!  You can actually see a slight look of fear in Rick’s face when she says this.  In the end, despite the tension, Rick and Carol don’t hook up because hooking up in the zombie apocalypse means death…sucky.

Changeover!  Back to the alpha team at the veterinary hospital.  They get their gear and start running from the walkers.  Since this is level season 4 and we now have bloody eye zombies that spread a super flu if you cap them, our heroes opt to go through the batch of regular level 1 zombies.  On the roof, Bob nearly drops the medicine and wrestles it back only to show Daryl the bottle of booze he smuggled with the medicine.  Bob really needs his liquor so Daryl lets him keep it after an intense stare down .  They don’t go any further though because hooking up in the zombie apocalypse means death.

We switch back to Rick and Carol one last time for a bombshell.  Rick cuts her loose from the group.  Damn!  Where’s Jeff Probst to snuff her torch!  Where the hell did that come from?!?!  You just took the most developed character of the first four episodes and cut her loose.  Not cool man, not cool!  This isn’t quite killing Optimus Prime but it’s still an out of the blue move.  In all fairness though, this is a move that makes sense in that, I don’t know how much further you can take the character Carol without killing her off.  Since I don’t want our Lt. Ripley/Sarah Connor/Don Corleone character to be snuffed out, I’m fine with her taking a break from the regular cast for a bit.  Who knows, maybe she’ll hook up with the Governor.

“Indifference” was definitely a slower episode, but came with a shock ending.  The departure of Carol will open some much needed screen time to other characters (ahem, Glenn and Maggie).  With any luck, this brief lag in action may be setting us up for a big episode 5.  Let’s hope we get more zombie brain bashing guts soon.


Rating: 2 mens room key stabbings in the head out of 5


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