By on November 6, 2013

BBM In Action ScreenshotRecently we’ve been graced with a little bit of nostalgia. BBM now is available for iOS  and Android, so you can now chat with your friends who still have old school Blackberries or have moved on to either a BB10, iPhone or Android device.  I personally have been using Blackberry for a considerable amount of time so it was a nice stroll back through memory lane on my Nexus 4. I’ve been using it for about 2-3 weeks now and it has become my primary form of messaging after SMS.  There has been some gossip regarding issues of messages not sending, but I’ve noticed that at least on my device they seem to go through sooner or later and most of the time I have a feeling they have to do more with the recipients signal at the time and yours. All in all it’s a good app, I use it on a day to day basis and would recommend you download it, what do you really have to lose (It’s free). Just ease up on the PING!s (if you don’t know what that is, you really need to download it.) With downloads passing 20 mil, there’s at least a couple of people you know that are using it already and more as it catches back on. Secure messaging, cross platform and free what else could I ask for in a communication app. Blackberry has been struggling for a while now but if there’s one good thing that came out of all this it’s BBM, I am slightly biased on the topic but make the decision for yourself try it out for free at the links below.





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