The Walking Dead – S4 E5 “Interment” Recap and Review

By on November 12, 2013

***Spoiler alert***

The Governor is back, Maggie and Glenn get screen time, the Governor is back, Hershel goes badass, the Governor is back, Rick and Carl mow down walkers, the Governor is back, the super flu arch concludes, and did I mention that the Governor is back!  Oh hell yeah!  The Governor is back!  Bring the pain!  Episode 5, “Internment”, picks up the pace nicely from the previous episodes and sets us up for what should be an explosive conclusion to the first half of Season 4.

We start with Rick driving and looking at his watch…okay, not exactly an action packed start but symbolic in a way – time looks like it’s running out for the group at the prison.  We flip over to the quarantined section of the prison where Hershel, Glenn, and Sasha discuss spaghetti night – no Hershel, Tuesday is taco fiesta night!  Prison extra #17 dies and Hershel and Glenn wheel him out so no one can see Glenn go all stabby-stabs on the dead guys head.  Sweet kill, you go Glenn!

There’s a charming conversation between Hershel and Maggie.  Lauren Cohen and Scott Wilson work well together reminding us that they are family and despite being in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, they haven’t lost the sense of humanity that comes with being blood related.  Up until recently, there hasn’t been much meaningful interaction between the two so I’m glad to see it.  Now if only we could get Beth more in on this so we could actually care about her.

Outside, Rick returns and tells Maggie about cutting Carol loose.  Maggie is surprisingly just fine with it.  Rick tells Hershel as well and he has no objections either.  Really?  Did no one care about Carol?  There’s zero second guessing?  I expected a little bit more of a protest but I suppose that’s Daryl’s job when he finds out.

Prison Extra #12 dies.  This time Sasha helps Hershel wheel the poor sucker out of sight to be head stabbed.  Geez, they’re really thinning out the herd here.

Glenn goes into violent coughing and convulsions just as two other members of the sick community die and turn.  Yes! We have action!  It took us 40 minutes but we have action!  There’s biting and gunshots galore and prison extra numbers 7-11 get their (brief) time to shine.  All the while Lizzie is playing come fetch with makeshift respirator zombie, aka prison extra #19.  Hershel makes like a really pissed off Santa and explodes some zombie heads and then starts wrestling another.  Awesomeness!  It looked like an 80 year old Hulk Hogan fighting the corpse of Rick Flair!  Woooooo!  Fearing for both her father and Glenn, Maggie breaks into the quarantined cell block to help and gets a sweet chin shot and head popping kill on a walker.  Is it just me or is Maggie even hotter when scoring a wet kill on a zombie – the answer is yes, she is.  Then sexy Maggie pops makeshift respirator zombie in the brain, ergo saving her Pops and the makeshift respirator which they use to save Glenn.  Yay!  Glenn lives…but I hope they disinfected that respirator.  I mean, you really don’t know where that zombie has been.  I’m just saying, if Glenn gets mono  too, we know where it came from.

Outside, Rick and Carl reinforce the leaning fences in one of the least structurally supportive fashions.  To the surprise of the two budding engineers, the supports and the fence give way to the walker swarm pressing in.  The get out, arm themselves, and we are treated to Rick and Carl mowing down walkers in a zombie head shot heaven.  It was like a round of Duck Hunt.  Kill total 105 – Carl 60%, Rick 40%, level up!  Carl even saves Rick one time, bonus points!  Rick expression as this happens is priceless.  You could almost see his say, “damn, my boy is a badass!”

As the inside and outside threats have been quelled, the away team returns with the medical supplies. Hershel breaks down as he revisits the dead zombie body of Dr. S, whom he personally killed in quarantine cell block melee.  Outside, as Rick and Carl east peas (yes you read that right), we zoom out to see a figure watching the prison.  As he turns his head we see it’s the Governor.  Oh hell yeah, it’s about to get real folks.

“Interment” ramped up the tempo which was a welcome change from the previous two episodes.  It effectively ends the super flu story arc just in time for the Governor to return.  These first five episodes have served their purpose.  Firstly, we’ve killed off most “red shirts”, or unimportant characters.  There’s been zombie biting and killing action, but all major characters have remained alive.  Major character deaths are being saved for the final conflict with the Governor.  Secondly, we’ve developed several characters enough to care about them, i.e Tyrese, Carol, Hershel, Bob.  The players and the stage have been set.  Next week should update us on what the Governor has been up to all these months and set us up for a fantastic finale run to the end of the first half of season 4.

Rating: 3.5 zombie chin shots out of 5

Chance of survival for the last 3 episodes:


Rick, Carl, Michonne, Maggie, Glenn:      100% – I don’t see any of these characters getting axed yet.

Daryl:                    90% – Fan favourite.  Daryl will most likely survive because viewers will riot otherwise.

Hershel:               10% – Hershel has been developed to the max at this point so the next step is for him to get killed off.  I give Hershel three more episodes max and we see his swan song at the hands of the Governor.

Judith, Beth:      10% – Both die in the climactic final battle at the prison.

Lizzie, Mika:        65% – There’s no reason to kill them yet.

Tyrese, Sasha:   25% – Tyrese is too unstable.  He may make it to the second half of the season, but no further.  Sasha’s death could be the last straw for Tyrese’s sanity, and ultimately be the cause of his death.

Carol:                    80% – Carol is gone for now, most likely to be used in a future story arc.

Bob:                       50% – Bob seems most likely to have a self sacrificing redemption type death.

Governor            5% – The bad guy has to die.  You can’t stretch this

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