The Walking Dead: S4 E6 “Live Bait” & S4 E7 “Dead Weight”

By on November 26, 2013

***Spoilers*** Recap and Review

After a week battle with the zombie super flu, I am healed and back to the living with a double review of episodes 6 and 7 of Season 4 of The Walking Dead.  The Governor is all beardy and spaced out and finds a new family, The Walking Dead goes to Oz, girls with girls, Martinez returns, and we set up for an epic final battle at the prison.

Episode 6, “Live Bait” starts off exactly where we saw our lovable Governor last, gunning down Woobury residents and driving off with Martinez (Jose Pablo Cantillo) and Shumpert (Travis Love).  Just when you think he’s about to get into all kinds of wacky Governor-like hijinx, he goes all quiet crazy.  After being abandoned by Martinez and Shumpert, he makes off on the road like The Littlest Hobo and finds the Chambler family consisting of sisters Lily (Audrey Marie Anderson) and Tara (Alanna Masterson), papa David (Danny Vinson), and Lily’s daughter Meghan(Meyrick Murphy).  Taking the false identity, Brian Heriot, The Governor recounts the story of the fall of Woodbury and explains how a madman leader caused it.

The Governor (David Morrissey) - The Walking Dead - Season 3, Episode 16 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The Governor (David Morrissey) – The Walking Dead – Season 3, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

He starts to grow on the Chambler family as he goes on Grand Theft Autoesque retrieval missions for them, snagging a Backgammon set and then oxygen tanks.  If I didn’t know any better I would think he was gaining his mental stability back as he burned the old picture of his family.  Is he ashamed of everything he became and the actions he took?  Has the big bad Governor turned over a new leaf?  The answer is no, but it was fun to speculate for a minute or two.

At one point, he explains to Lily that you have to shoot the biters in the head to kill them.  Really?  They haven’t figured that out in the last three years.  They didn’t even experiment with a head shot in all that time?  In the internet age, they have not even formulated the possibility that a head shot will kill a zombie?  It looks like the apocalypse hasn’t eradicated those with a lack of problem solving skills.

Papa Chambler dies and tries to go all grabby and bitey on Tara and G-man squashes his head with a O2 tank.  This would have been the kill of the episode had a certain kill not occurred later on (more on that later).  With pops dead, the remaining Chamblers hit the road with the Governor in search of a better venue.  The Governor gets close and has sexy time with Lily.  So Andrea and now Lily, G-man is just using the apocalypse just to get laid I guess.  Good on you bro, whatever works.

The Chamblers become G-man’s surrogate family now because for some reason he can’t have unemotional sex even in the zombie apocalypse.  He starts showing signs of the old Governor as he looks to protect his new family.  I’m starting to believe that if he was such a serial monogamist and family man that the Governor would not be evil.

Moving on, their truck breaks down and they’re caught in a foot race from the biters.  Falling into a pit trap with Meghan, The Governor is forced to throw down with four biters with his bare hands and scores a sweet sweet kill of the week when he smiley faces one with a human bone.  Just awesomeness!  Hugging his Penny replacement, G-man looks up and sees Martinez.  Cue next episode.

The Governor looks to have his swagger back as he plays chess with Meghan.  We flash back to Martinez pulling him out of the pit and the introduction of his group, including Alisha (Juliana Harkavy), and military brothers Pete (Enver Gjokaj) and Mitch played by Kirk Acevedo!  Yeah buddy!  As one of my favourite actors of recent memory I am aware that Kirk has had great roles in The Thin Red Line, Band of Brothers and Fringe, but there was only one series where he survived 6 seasons of not getting raped, and because of that I will always associate Kirk with Miguel Alvarez in HBO’s brutal prison series “Oz”, which ran from 1997-2003.  So as far as I’m concerned, the chemical that caused the evacuation of Oz at the end of that shows run was the zombie virus. Miguel went out with the rest of the inmates on the buses, eventually got free, renamed himself Mitch, and now works with Martinez.  The prison Rick’s group found was Oz.  It all makes sense now, the loop has been closed.  Oz fans rejoice!  Now all we need is a Ryan O’Reily and/or Chucky Pancamo zombies.

The Governor is now officially with Lily.  My guess is because he’s not an unemotional sex type guy and doesn’t have the heart to tell her so now he just carries on with the relationship so as to not hurt her feelings, but I digress.  Tara begins to flirt with Alisha.  What!?!?!  Are we going to get some girl on girl action in the zombie apocalypse too!  Zombies, characters from Oz AND girl on girl action!  The Walking Dead, you have officially become the greatest show ever in the history of shows.  I heart you and offer emoticons of happy faces.   Manly high fives and chest bumps!  Hooah!  The only downside, as previously noted, is hooking up in the zombie apocalypse means death.  So Alisha and Tara, thank you and happy trails in advance.

G-man, Martinez, Pete and Miguel Alvarez go on a supply run and return to camp with…booze!  Everyone except the Governor gets a little pissed.  Martinez figures this is a great time to whack a few golf balls off of a camper while chatting with G-man.

Governor goes Mel Gibson…clock is set to T-minus 10 minutes.

Martinez tells of the demise of Shumpert and offers to share power with the Governor.  The Governor responds by proceeding to go Tiger Woods on Martinez, whacking him with the golf club, kicking him off the camper, and dragging him to the biter pit where he’s ripped to pieces.  Conveniently, this all looks like an accident to the camp members.

On the next supply run, the trio of G-man, Pete, and Miguel Alvarez come across a group who they consider raiding for supplies.  At the behest of Pete they decide not to.  When they circle back they find that the group has been raided by others.  Miguel is upset, and Pete is made out to look weak.

At the beginning of the episode, the Governor tells Meghan while they’re playing chess that you can’t think forever, sooner or later you have to make a move.  He finally makes his, shanking Pete and dropping him in the creek.  Then, he visits Miguel Alvarez and convinces him to join his cause.  I found it strange how quickly Miguel Alvarez became okay with idea that this guy murdered his brother, but I suppose stranger things have happened in the zombie apocalypse.

Lastly we come full circle to the end of episode 5 with the Governor spying on the prison, first on Rick and Carl, and then on Michonne and Hershel.  We’ve been set up for what should be an explosive war of a finale to the first half of the season moving us away from the prison.  I personally want to see a throw down between Daryl Dixon and Mitch.  That’s right, Scud from Blade 2 vs Miguel  Alvarez – a match for the ages!  Sit back relax, and enjoy the carnage.  On a side note, the Oz/The Walking Dead crossover has got me thinking how awesome it would be to tie in to other shows that have ended their run.  Bring in Johnny Drama from Entourage and have him scream “Victory!” every time he takes out a zombie…hey I can dream.

Episode 6 rating – 3 smiley face zombie kills out of 5

Episode 7 rating – 4 golf club whacks to the head out of 5


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