The Men’s Guide to Blazers & Sport Coats: 2014

By on February 24, 2014

The blazer & sport coat are the ideal items in a modern gent’s wardrobe. It is the chameleon of menswear and a staple of history when it comes to style and class. As the fall season is fast approaching, a blazer still and always remains the ideal jacket to wear. It can be dressed up with dress pants and look even spiffier with jeans. You can wear it to a work meeting or to a night out with the boys. You can pair it with just about any combination of clothing; from casual to the most obvious formal trousers. Wearing a sport coat or blazer can be that nice finishing touch to looking smart.

One important thing to know before getting your new jacket, the fit of the blazer all depends on the guy wearing the blazer.  They come in different cuts and fits off the rack, if you can’t afford bespoke. The fit is determined by the design of the jacket, for example you can have:

  1. Single vented or Double vented
  2. Single breasted or Double breasted
  3. 1, 2, or 3 Button (see article: How To Button A Suit Jacket or Blazer)
  4. Wide lapel or Narrow lapel
  5. Tapered stitch waist or box fit. (pick according to the frame of your body)

Don’t be shy when picking a colour if you are bored with the basic black, greys, or navy blues. As for shoes you can wear anything from runners to dress shoes, as long as they are clean, stylish and match the look you’re shooting for.

When Picking Out A Blazer Consider the 3 F’s

Fit – Just like picking out a suit (see article: How to Suit Your Suit) it is vital to find the right Jacket to suit your body type or you will not wear it, it will wear you. Nothing’s worse than spending the coin on a nice coat, but you look like a wet dog wearing it. Also don’t go for something that is too fitted, you want to be comfortable and not feel restricted. You should be able to fasten the top button and have a bit of slack; also make sure your upper arms are not bulging past your shoulders, shoulder and arm movement  is key. When wearing a dress shirt the blazer cuff should reveal ¼ – ½ of an inch of shirt sleeve and no more or you will look like ‘Prince’, the shirt sleeve shouldn’t pass where your wrist meets your palm right above your thumb.

Function – One of the major positives is that you can wear it with any type of shirt you can just about think of; from ‘V’ necks to crew necks, golf shirts, plain dress shirts, printed or plaid. Colour plays a huge role on the look and function you are wearing it for, so it doesn’t hurt to follow the colour trend of the season. As for material, for a more relaxed feel but classy look go for denim, cotton or oxford cloth for a more formal feel go for wool.  To conclude, the colour, fabric, and feel all depend on the function you are to wear it for.

Flexibility – By flexibility I am not implying limberness. Flexibility means your ability to wear a blazer or sport coat with just about any type of clothing because of its compatibility. A Dress shirt and tie will look sharp, take it up a notch and go for the bow-tie and really look dappered.  You can even dull it down and wear it with jeans, relaxed khaki’s or tapered chinos.


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