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I woke up the other morning with an itch that I had to scratch. I haven’t bought a watch in a while and all of a sudden they’ve instituted professional Mondays at work so I thought I might as we

ll buy something that would jive well with a suit. And so my hunt began, with choices….oh my, the choices.  Metal strap or leather? Analog or digital? Battery or mechanical?

From what I can see there is a hell of a lot being offered out there

and at a variety of different price ranges.  But what stands out the most? What will get noticed? Ultimately that’s everyone’s end game when it comes to accessories. Unless you just wanted to keep time…..then I suggest picking up a Casio and ending your read here.

Black Croc Strap Automatic Watch

For me personally, it was a close tie between a Fossil automatic with a leather strap and a skeleton face and a black metal Michael Kors with a black face. Needless to say the factors that swayed me were price first off and just overall design. The Michael Kors watch had a plain black face and strap everything looked like any other metal watch I’d seen before just in black, a classic style that stands out when worn with a lighter colour. Pretty much if its working the way it is, why change it right? The automatic on the other hand has a skeleton face, which means all the inner workings are clearly visible, now this was what sealed the deal for me. You can see the gears move with every second, maybe I’m a super nerd but I think it’s cool and it definitely catches the eye. Did I mention I will never have to buy a battery? Automatics run on the wearers motion, so as you move the weight in the back of the watch shifts and winds the coil which in turn releases energy to turn the gears, so if I’m ever stuck on a desert island for a couple years at least I won’t need a watch battery. I have to say, I fell in love with this watch.  The sales guy didn’t even have to do much talking, I was sold from the get-go.  Not to mention I pretty much had my heart set on an automatic to start with so it wasn’t really a fair fight from the beginning. I have to say though; automatic watches are a must for every watch collector or fanatic and everyday guy alike, but to each his own. So if you do decide after reading this you want to blow that hard earned money on some wrist candy here are some of my favorites:

If you’ve got under a thousand to spend Fossil, Guess, and Nixon all have pretty good offerings and won’t hurt your wallet too much. If your wallet can take a slight beating check out Movado, Gucci, and Tag Heuer. And for the dudes whose wallets beat the crap outta them, you’ll definitely want to check out Audemars Piguet, Rolex and Breitling.

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