14 Health Benefits of Green Tea

By on May 6, 2014
Green Tea


The habit of drinking green tea dates back some 4,000-5,000 years ago, and it’s believed that the earliest foundation originated in China. For thousands of years it’s been consumed by millions for medicinal purposes in Asia predominantly. But recently in the Western World due to its broad range of beneficial effects to human health. It’s proven to have distinguishing features and it would be of no objection to anyone to classify it as a super-food.  It brings quite a great deal of benefits and miracles to our lives, as to say: weight loss, even fighting depression due to the Amino-acid contained within the tea leaves called Theanine. Let’s take a brief look at the health benefits of green tea, being the oldest category of Chinese Tea.


1. Anti-Aging

It’s learned that green tea can massively ease the aging appearance as to say, wrinkles, at the same time aiding with skin damage mainly due to the fact of composing antioxidants and their healing properties. Demonstrated through human and animal studies, topical application of green tea nearly prevents and/or reduces sun burn or as well call it, sun damage. It is also demonstrated from a variety of studies undertaken revealing that green tea is an appreciable way of protecting our skin against sun damage or ultraviolet rays, which are harmful to our bodies by increasing degrees.  This is as a result of  free radicals which are proven to have devastating ill effects to our bodies, and are thus reduced by specific antioxidants found in green tea. Predominantly the one called Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins or others like Catechins, so on and so forth. Antioxidants are believed by many experts to slow down the aging process, cancer, cardiac anomalies, and strokes. Green tea is rich in these antioxidants.


2. Anti-Bacterial

It is also known from studies that green tea has considerable anti-bacterial properties. Green tea aids in destroying bacteria in oral, causative of tooth-decay and bad breath-known as halitosis in medical English, et al. Bacteria in your mouth are also capable of causing oral infections. Even some scientists believe that, green tea may also aid liver function, thus refraining the liver from considerable damage as caused from medical conditions like Hepatitis.

Green tea also contains a considerable amount of Vitamin C.  Scientists believe that gargling with green tea may enhance one’s immune system and enhance its potential to fight and prevent one from viral attack, and ailments, as to say: Influenza.

The one thing that foreigners living in China may have experienced most often is people drinking tea with meals, but most of them would not have known the reason of why they do so?   As mentioned earlier, this is because of the anti-bacterial qualities of green tea. In short, it will help reduce the chances of food poisoning considerably when consumed with meals. This has become habitual in the Asian culture dating back  from its beginning.


3. Hydration

Green tea is an excellent means of hydrating oneself, at the same instance, this miracle drink has an enjoyably addictive earthy taste. Keeping yourself hydrated is essential to keeping in good health, and once more, green tea provides us with a great deal of hydration with each sip we take.


4. Anti-Osteoporosis and Anti-Arthritis

It’s known, and become evident from some studies undertaken that consuming at least 2 cups of green tea aid in keeping bone integrity and density, thus reducing the risk of osteoporosis (softening of the bone).  As long as one consumes green tea, the longer the benefits prevail.

It’s believed that free radicals as mentioned earlier are somewhat or almost responsible for a list of ailments, Arthritis being the most dominant. Arthritis–the inflammation of joints, is excruciatingly painful. As understood from the earlier discussion, green tea is a reservoir of antioxidants that are capable of eliminating a great deal of free radicals thus decreasing the risk of this catastrophic medical condition.

"Neuron" by renjith Krishnan - FreeDigitalPhotos.net

“Neuron” by renjith Krishnan – FreeDigitalPhotos.net

5. Remedy for Alzheimer’s Disease

Green tea can protect cognitive abilities and at the same time protect brain cells from destruction, like the effects caused by Alzheimer’s disease. Studies already prove that green tea helps to prevent neurological diseases and also helps maintain mental capacity, as to say: memory and processing information.

Lung Cancer

6. Protection from Lung Cancer

We are all familiar with the ill-effects of second-hand smoke. Active smokers are less likely to get affected than a passive smoker. As a passive smoker inhales the cigarette smoke, plus the CO2 exhaled from the smoker.  Facts state that green tea has shown to protect one from Lung Cancer by reducing the damage to cells from cigarette smoke. A study conducted by University of Arizona states that; It reduces cellular damage by 25%.


7. Gain Vigor

Green tea may aid to improve and maintain vigor, energy and endurance. Antioxidants contained in green tea may help speed the metabolism, which in turn aids to burn calories, fat and improves muscle activity.

8. Anti-Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis, most common form of Arteriosclerosis.  Cholesterol-lipid-calcium deposits marking the walls of the arteries cause restrict blood flow increasing blood pressure as a result. Green tea is known to burn fats, destroy these deposits on arterial walls thus preventing embolism, thrombosis, which prevents the normal blood flow in the arterial system. In this way green tea helps prevent cardiac diseases, hypertension due to clogged vessels, reducing risks of heart attack. Bear-in-mind green tea is a natural ACE Inhibitor.

Depression and Anxiety

9. Anti-Depressant

Green tea possesses an amino acid called L-theanine. Individuals who consume green tea are noted to remain happy and unstressed most of the times. It’s due to the fact that Theanine induces a comforting and consoling state in its users, thus helping them stay relaxed and joyous, benefiting their mood.

Cancer Cell

“Cancer Cell” by Dream designs – FreeDigitalPhotos.net

10. Anti-Cancer

Once more, antioxidants. Green tea is a rich source of antioxidants; it kills cancer cells, thus preventing their growth. Few illustrations as follows: Preventing skin, oral, prostate (men), breast, lung, bowel, ovarian, pancreatic, hepatic, colorectal cancer, et al.

"Glucose Test" by Gualberto107 – FreeDigitalPhotos.net

“Glucose Test” by Gualberto107 – FreeDigitalPhotos.net

11. Anti-Diabetic

Green tea aids to lower blood sugars and regulates blood glucose. It also helps in production and regulation of insulin in the body.

Whole Foods

12. Say good-bye to Dieting

Now-a-days, the younger generation is more concerned about their appearance, to acquiring this, they take hardships restraining themselves from meals and other nutritional food for the purposes of losing weight or controlling weight gain. Green tea functions as a detox (Detoxifier or toxin destroyer) and aids liver function filtering toxins allowing you to expel them from your body, also keeping weight gain in optimal range. Actually; the mechanism is that green tea speeds metabolic rate at the same instance lowering cholesterol levels. Green tea also aids in fat oxidation.

13. Green Tea and Longevity

Over the course of 10+ Years 40, 530 Japanese adults were interviewed, one of the largest studies ever conducted. Researchers found that those who consume 5 or more cups of green tea a day are 15% less likely to die from a health related ailment than those who consume less than 1 cup a day. It was also found that those who were drinking green tea heavily are 25% less likely to die from cardiac anomalies.  These are impressive numbers.

14. Great Tasting Flavour

One fascinating fact about green tea is that healthier foods and medicines may be unbearable to consume at times, however green tea has an exceptional healthy earthy taste. There is no need to add sugar or milk as we do in other kind of tea. It is extremely economical with respect to cost and far more beneficial than black tea, coffee, et al.

To sum it all up; more and more scientists and individuals are attracted to find more grounding facts regarding green teas beneficial effects to our health as a natural remedy. I have written (what is known to me) with the hope that someone would benefit from my research. I also  hope that more researchers only delve deeper into studies that could be done to answer the long list of questions already raised in folk’s minds.  This would prove beneficial to our well being as many individuals can benefit from it, declining the hassles brought by scientific advancements or developments, which are swift but still harmfully devastating to one’s being.

Written for ēgō Magazine by Zeeshan Hussain

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