7 Tips To Boost Your Smartphones Battery Life

By on October 23, 2014

There are few things more frustrating than watching your smartphone’s battery life drain away by the middle especially when you just put it in your pocket with a full charge that morning.  And as phones get bigger, processors get more powerful and data networks get faster, the demand for juice is greater than ever.  Luckily there are plenty of things that you can do to improve your battery life no matter which phone you have. These 7 tips can help boost your device to help you make it through the day on a single charge.

1.  Update Your Apps:

Applications often get updated to use less battery power, so you should make sure your apps are up to date. Even if you configured the phone for automatic updates, some apps still require that you manually install updates. Check for app updates in Google Play by hitting the ‘Menu‘ key and going to ‘My Apps‘.

2.  Keep an Eye on Signal Strength:

If you’re in an area with poor cellular coverage, then your device will work even harder to handle onto a strong-enough signal. This ultimately has an adverse effect on battery life. There’s not much you can really do about this one, but keep in mind that this could be the reason behind a seemingly weak battery; it’s worth putting the phone into ‘Airplane Mode‘ if you don’t need data or voice calls.

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3.  Use Darker Wallpapers:

If your phone uses an AMOLED display—many popular Android devices do, though the iPhone notably does not—each pixel on the screen takes a little bit of power to light up.  As such, the a more black pixels you can get on your screen, the better.  Set dark wallpaper as your default, and try using dark themes on apps when possible.

4.  Clean Out Your Apps:

Even if you’re not using an app, it can run in the background and sap battery life from your smartphone. Android devices allow you to “multitask” with apps running behind the scenes—to close them quickly, go to ‘Applications‘ within your settings, then tap either the ‘Manage Applications‘ or ‘Running‘ option. Go down the list and tap any you’re not using, then ‘Force Stop‘ or ‘Stop‘.


Apps don’t “multitask” on iPhones in the same way they do on Android phones, but the principle’s the same:  Unused apps slowly but surely eat away your battery life. Quickly push the home button on the bottom of your iPhone twice to bring up a row of apps currently open on your device, and then hold your finger on one until they all start jiggling: Simply tap the red “minus” icon to close the apps completely.

5.  Lower the Brightness of Your Screen:

The brighter your screen, the more battery it’s eating up. Go over to your settings and curtail the lights to keep your smartphone running longer.

6.  Turn Wi-Fi Off:

If you’re not using your smartphone to connect to wireless internet, switch the Wi-Fi settings to ‘off‘ immediately. This will stop your smartphone from sniffing out networks—even when you think it’s not—thereby saving resources.

7.  Consult a Battery Guru:

If you’re on an Android device, download the Snapdragon Battery Guru. Created by Qualcomm, the company behind many top-of-the-line phone processors, the app learns your usage habits and automatically adjusts features on your phone to optimize battery life. The iPhone doesn’t have a direct equivalent, but there are several apps that help you avoid wasting power.



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