Battle of the Big 3 Tablets: Air 2 vs. Nexus 9 vs. Tab S

By on November 26, 2014

With the growing competition between the different tech giants, there are a plethora of tablets out there on the market. It is getting amazingly difficult to judge and select the best tablet for yourself or even as a gift. In order to give the readers a better perspective of what the tech giants are offering, I put forward the best tablets for review so you can get to know the specs of the best 3 tablets.  The tablets that I’m comparing are Apple’s IPad Air 2,Google’s Nexus 9, and Samsung’s Tab S.  All of these devices are currently available in stores just in time for the holiday season. Many of you might have been eyeing at least one of them for sure but the real question is which one is the best bang for the buck?

Apart from the iPad Mini 3, Apple with its new iPad Air 2, though numerous of its specs haven’t changed from its predecessor like it’s equipped with the same 9.7-inch display and proprietary 64-bit A8X chip processor making it Apple’s thinnest and fastest tablet to date.

Google’s latest tablet début of the HTC Nexus 9, the device serves as an attractive Android alternative to the Air 2. Running the most recent Android 5.0 software, the Nexus sports a slightly smaller 8.9-inch display.

But the Nexus 9 isn’t the only competitor that Apple should worry about. Not surprisingly, Apple’s ever-present rival Samsung has a high-end tablet as well. It is known as the Galaxy Tab S, the device has an ultra-sharp screen 10.5 inch display, an attractive sleek design, and plenty of software and media features to keep users entertained.

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