Nexus 6 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – A Competition of Giants

By on December 4, 2014

With the rise of the two latest android phablets, consumers are in daze when selecting the right phablet to suit their needs and something that is  a little easy on pocket space. We are all aware of the massive size of the Galaxy note series devices from Samsung, well Google has pumped out a device which is congruent to the Note. The Note 4 is definitely in for a fight with Google’s Nexus 6 for the top phablet of 2014-15.

nexus 6 vs galaxy note 4

Google Nexus 6 is the first phablet device launched by the search engine giant with a near 6-inch giant screen size. It’s a first-time collaboration of Google with Motorola (now Lenovo). With the launch of Nexus 6, it depicts a past semblance with the Motorola X smartphone, in reality it looks pretty much similar to the said gadget.

Google with its think big attitude, and the Nexus 6, which is one of the first smartphones from Google, is ready and open for direct upper-end competition in the smartphone arena. The money-spinning smartphone/phablet market is currently dominated by Apple and Samsung, here’s to change.

Nexus 6 vs Galaxy Note 4 Specs

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