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Beer Tasting Notes

By on December 19, 2014
Beer Tasting Notes


“Beer’s intellectual.  What a shame so many idiots drink it.” – Ray Bradbury 


Brad Ariss

About Brad Ariss

Brad is a freelance writer in the outskirts of Toronto, Ontario. He has lived and travelled in over thirty countries worldwide and has spent more time abroad than at home since having graduated from an economics program in his exceedingly distant youth. When free of time and obligation, he spends his minutes in a narrow kitchen, cooking with and with the support of an array of wine, beer, music and spirits.

  • Beerismylife

    I noticed you gave the Ale family of beer a little more face time than the lagers. I think it’s important to note that ‘Lager’ isn’t a style of beer but rather the yeast strain and process by which it is brewed. There are dozens of styles of lagers of which the most popular in the world is Pilsner (albeit American Style). For your next article maybe write up on the various styles lagers available and the various breweries that produce them. There are some great malty and hoppy beers that aren’t ale. Nice read. Cheers.

    • @Beerismylife You’re absolutely right about the lager. These beers are named for what I call the BBQ method, a low and slow approach to fermenting the yeast. My only defence is that the intention of the article was to first achieve simplicity. I wanted to bring together the most popular beer styles recognized by the average consumer and pair it with my interpretation of how best to enjoy them. It’s a great suggestion to do more a in-depth review of the lager, as you’re correct, it in its pale form is the most widely consumed. Thanks for the comment!

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