15 Things You Should Never Say at the Gym

By on February 20, 2015


Let’s face it, the gym is a glorified men’s club. Men talk about sports, drinking and women. One could even argue, what more is there to say?

But, while gyms across North America should be filled with the kind of daily small talk you would make with someone stuck in an elevator or waiting in line with, there are some things you just don’t say to your buddies while getting your sweat on.

What NOT to Say at the Gym

Here are just a few…


1.  While in the steam room …“Scooch closer”.  Let’s face it, if they’ve use the word ‘scooch’ that alone deserves a punch in the face!

2.  “Your ass looks great in those Lululemon pants”.

3.  Want to make a new friend?  Try this… “That dude is jacked…..Hey bud…..Are you on steroids?”

4.  My personal favourite…“My nipples are so chaffed”

5. “You’re doing that wrong!  Let me give you some tips.  If I wanted “tips” I will pay some inexperienced trainer with a fitness diploma to do that!

6.  “I can so bench more than that guy”

7.  What about the guy that MUST Instagram his workouts… “Yo, check out these abs”!

Gym Etiquette

8.  While in the change room “Oh cool, is that a birthmark or tattoo”?

9.  While in the sauna “Let’s lose these towels”

10.  “Hey bro, you gotta taste this protein shake”

11.  “Can I borrow your deodorant”?

12.  “I’m just going commando”

13.  It is possible to be too encouraging…“You really got your pump on today bro”

14.  “You got a little brow sweat, let me get that for you”

15.  Don’t be this guy… “Yo, where do they keep the shake-weights”?


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