7 Movies that can Inspire a Workout

By on April 6, 2015


All of us at one time or another have hit the training ‘wall’. You’re sore, you’re tired and begin to feel as though you can’t seem to make the same progress as you used to in your regular workout, it’s a frustrating reality for so many. As motivation begins to wane, you take to laying on the couch, watching re-runs and downing bags of lightly buttered popcorn.

So how does one free themselves of this dilemma of mind and spirit? We find inspiration in our favourite heroes. The buff, built, brawny bad-asses of theatre that don’t take no for an answer!

Here are the 7 movies that can inspire you to get off the couch and find your spark again.

7. Guardians of the Galaxy I have to admit, after seeing Chris Pratt turn from the lovable and self-proclaimed ‘fat guy’ on Parks and Recreation to a lean, mean fighting machine, this could inspire anyone to get off the couch and do some reps!

6. 300 – This movie should help anyone find their warrior spirit. Even though it’s like 300 guys in loin cloths and not much else. These bad asses knew how to never give up!

5. Pain and Gain The Rock and Wahlberg in a movie together about body building and looking ripped… even the ladies will enjoy this one!

4. BloodsportVan Damme literally ‘kicking’ bad guy ass all up and down the place all the while looking very oiled up and doing some devastating nut breaking splits with ease.

3. Rocky IV A bigger and badder Rocky up against the intimidating Russian Ivan Drago played by Dolph Lundgren is enough to inspire anyone to keep pushing through. Rocky lifts rocks, pulls ploughs, does sit ups from a barn balcony, shoulder presses and more. All the while teaching the valuable lesson of say no to drugs!

2. Pumping Iron This has long been a staple for all gym enthusiasts. Arnie works out and lives in Venice beach California, hits the weights down at Golds Gym and manages to get all the female attention and street cred that being the top guy in the sport brought him. Undoubtedly, this movie inspired generations of young men to work hard, play hard and emulate the Terminator. Special mention also goes to the Hulk Lou Ferrigno in this one.

1. Warrior Many of you probably haven’t seen this MMA inspired movie about two brothers that battle it out to take home a 5 million dollar prize and honours as champion. Tom Hardy of The Dark Knight Rises fame is real the star of this movie. It even inspired a whole new workout “the warrior workout” (Google it). His beastly physique and demeanour could motivate even the laziest of folk to try to gain some traps like he has in this movie. The training montage alone is more than enough to wake me up at 4am every other morning.

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