Make the Most of your Vegas Mancation

By on July 29, 2015

Written By | Brian Oliphant

Las Vegas remains one of the most appealing destinations in the world for a man-cation, but the nature of the town has changed quite a bit over the years. Yes, you can still go there to enjoy card games and world-class concerts. However, increasingly, vacationing in Vegas is more about a total experience than just a few perks.

Luxury Accomodations

Even in the last decade, the city has experienced explosive growth in its nightlife, culinary scene, shopping scene, etc., with the result that there are now more ways for guys to enjoy it than ever before.

Looking Forward to a Vegas Mancation?

So here’s a look at how to live it up in Sin City in modern times.

Visit Some Unique Bars

The nightclub scene in Vegas has a well-deserved reputation: it’s wild, fun, and lasts until the early morning. But as fun as some of Vegas’s best nightclubs can be, with their myriad attractions and characteristics, the basic idea is ultimately similar to that you’ll find in a lot of big cities: it’s loud, dark, and crowded, and everyone’s going crazy.

Bar Scene and Live Bands

In some ways, particularly for a man-cation, the bar scene in the city is more unique and ultimately more enjoyable. The best bars in Vegas include a number of completely different options, from the dark, unpredictable, off-the-beaten-path watering hole Double Down Saloon, to the elegant Cosmopolitan Hotel bar, Vesper, that’s modelled on the concept of a James Bond cocktail. There are bars known for architectural creativity, bars known for history, and bars known for specific drinks. Check out a few of these places and you’ll be able to enjoy some of the true character of modern Vegas.

Enjoy Some Top-Notch Cuisine

Fine food has always been at the centre of Vegas’ culture, but it’s often buried beneath casinos, clubs, and other attractions when people talk about what to do in the city. Well, these days—partly thanks to the prevalence of celebrity chefs in the Vegas resort community, and partly due to the general evolution of the city—top-notch cuisine is one of the most enjoyable aspects of any trip there.

Fine Cuisine

Pretty much any resort you can think of on the Vegas strip houses noteworthy restaurants. There are properties owned by the likes of Mario Batali, Joe Bastianich, Thomas Keller, Wolfgang Puck, and Gordon Ramsay, to name a few. The Mirage alone includes spectacular dining options from famous chefs Brian Massie, Tom Colicchio, and Masaharu Morimoto—all in a single casino! Granted, all of these chefs and restaurateurs create pretty pricey places to eat, but if you’re going to Vegas, you’re probably ready to splurge a little bit.

Take In A Pool Party

Too often, we think of Las Vegas only in terms of its nightlife. The daytime is viewed as a time for recovery—perhaps a visit to the spa, or a few hours lounging by the pool. But the truth is, Vegas parties all day as well as all night, and increasingly in recent years some of the best fun in the city is had at designated pool party areas.

Pool Party

In Vegas, the range of pool parties includes something for just about every occasion. There are giant daytime rave parties with professional DJs inspiring wild times in the pool; there are more low-key cocktail hours at relaxing pools with cover charges; and of course, there are even more particular attractions including everything from topless parties to poolside massages. Any of these can easily be the most memorable experience you have on a Vegas vacation.

These kinds of activities—trendy bars, world class restaurants, and crazy pool parties—pretty much define modern Vegas. Now, you should absolutely dive into some of the more traditional attractions, too, by seeing a few shows, taking in some gambling, and hitting up a nightclub or two. But the city has a more complete experience to offer, and the activities and destinations listed above are a good start to enjoying it!


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