The Guide to a Clean and Stylish Bachelor Pad

By on August 18, 2015

Written by | Matt Lawler.

Having a bachelor pad is almost a right of passage to manhood. Often times men make the mistake of feeling like since they are the only person living there, it doesn’t matter how the inside looks. Nothing could be further from the truth and anyone man who has ever lived alone knows the feeling of having parents or a good looking date coming over and the apartment looks like a mess. Whether you like it or not, you are judged every time someone comes to visit you at your pad and people DO notice if the dishes on the coffee table look like a science experiment.  If your current home is in a bad location or what people perceive as a “sketchy” part of town, start by moving as soon as your lease is up. Other then that, use these tips this weekend to get your current pad into tip-top shape.


The Little Things

Believe me when I say that your significant other will notice when the little things are missing. If a guest is coming over make sure the bathroom is appropriately stocked with hand soap, hand towels and toilet paper. Having them stocked ahead of time will save you an embarrassing conversation later and make it appear as though you are clean and organized. Keep some candles around the house as well. These are small and inexpensive but mean the difference between your abode smelling like a human living environment and a locker room. Another inexpensive and creative way to keep your home smelling nice is to create your own air freshener: Slice some lemons, cover with water and cinnamon, and let simmer in a pot for about an hour.  If the walls in your stag pad have been damaged at all during your stay this is a good time for a touch up. If a touch up won’t due the trick, look into bringing in some one day painters. Lastly, make sure that you do the dishes regularly and put them away. A very obvious sign of a dirty house is a sink overflowing with dishes and we have all been there.


Junk and Clutter

We all accumulate junk.  A man living alone just seems to gather more then the average person.  Take some time to sort through your old belongings. Less is more in your living space as minimalism is the easiest to maintain and impressive to your visitors. If you are saving some furniture for a future living space, consider getting a rental unit. If you have drawers over flowing with clothes it might be time for a good will run. Minimize everything in your apartment through donations or a garage sale then call a junk collecting service for the rest. This will make your place seem bigger while also making it tidier and easier to maintain!

Minimalistic Bedroom

The Bedroom

Keeping your bedroom clean is crucial in having a date friendly home (for obvious reasons). Fold your laundry and put it away. Keep the dirty clothes in the hamper. Basically anything your mom has told you about keeping your room clean since you were little should be executed. This is your personal living and sleeping quarters and should be cared about as if you respect it as your personal space. Beyond the laundry, don’t be afraid to vacuum once a week, wash your sheets, or take your dirty dishes to the sink. A clean room is much more inviting.

Minimalistic Decorating


Decorations are another thing that men commonly overlook and visitors always seem to notice. If your living room walls are covered in movie and band posters you may not be sending the right message to any one who enters your home. If you want to appear mature and interesting, the dorm style decorations need to go. I recommend visiting a local art festival and finding a few pieces of wall art that you think are cool and interesting. This showcases your maturity while also decorating your apartment and giving you something to talk about over dinner when your date asks where you got it (because remember, they will notice).



I know that you have had your futon since college, or maybe you prefer to keep your mattress directly on the floor, but that isn’t promoting yourself the way you want to. If you are dating and would like them to visit your apartment more then one time then make it comfortable for them. Have the junk collectors take the futon along with any other broken furniture in your apartment and replace it. With big box retailers like Ikea becoming popular, getting nice furniture is easier and cheaper then ever!



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