7 Steps To Wow Your Woman

By on October 16, 2015

Written by | Jenna Brown.

You’ve found her. You can’t stop thinking of her. You asked her out, and it went well. You asked her out again, and the second date was even better than the first. Now you’re home, thinking things over and you’ve decided that this is the one.

Question is, what do you do next? You were in the flow zone twice in a row. Is it enough? No, it’s only too easy to slip into friend mode and slowly let the magic fade away.

Still, as a man, you’re good at some things. Setting goals, making plans, and making things happen. Now, it’s time to draw on these skills. Forget asking your male friends what to do. They don’t know. Instead, work on a simple 7 step plan.

The plan has two phases. First, win her over. These are things to do in the short term. Second, make her want to stay. These are things to do for the long-term.


Win Her Over

When it comes to winning a woman over, you have to be subtle. If you try too hard, it’s over. Alternatively, you can play it too cool and turn her off.


1. Think small

Thinking small is difficult for men. Women tend to have a big picture or view of things. We think strategically. We evaluate things based on the law of averages. Don’t confuse thinking small with trivial thinking. That’s not what we’re talking about here. Rather, it’s about paying attention to details.

Here’s the thing: Women notice many small things and make mental notes. After consulting with their friends, they come to a conclusion.

Thinking small is about doing small things that leave a lasting impression. Smart observations, spontaneous generosity, and a keen sense of irony and humor can impress a woman.

And, avoid doing things that will doom you to failure. These include quibbling, making offensive remarks, or displaying indifference.


2. Ask questions

Women love to communicate. Even shy women, who appear to prefer to stay quiet, actually love to communicate. It doesn’t matter if talking is not your strong suit. Ask questions, and listen to her. Ask as if you don’t know. Listen as if you think she’s fascinating.


3. Clean up your act

First, pay more attention to your body. Get rid of that scruffy out of control facial hair or groom it so it looks good and maintained. Cut your hair if necessary to have a neat look. Learn all about diet and exercise and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Also, be careful to always smell good. Don’t overdo the cologne or deodorant, of course, but do come across as having proper hygiene.

Second, clean up your environment. Clean your car. Call in a cleaning service to scrub your home. Organize your office. She may appear not to notice, but she will.

Third, clean up your habits. If you have any bad habits, now is your chance to clean up. Tobacco can make you smell bad. Alcohol can make you look stupid, careless, and weak.


4. Try chivalry

Chivalry may or may not work. Experiment. Open doors, help her with her coat, and don’t glance at her chest when you’re in deep conversation. Notice how she responds. If she looks embarrassed, drop it.


5. Make friends with her friends

You may think that you have to focus only on your woman. But if you win her friends over, then you will get their nod of approval when she asks for feedback. The thing is be friendly, not flirtatious. Engage her friends in conversation, but don’t stir up jealousy.


Make Her Want To Stay

If you apply the first five steps well, she will really warm up to you. But, she may still not be too sure. She has probably had her heart broken many times in the past. So, you can’t blame her if she is a little too cautious.

How do you create a long-term relationship?

You basically give her some good reasons why she will never find another man like you.

Here are two suggestions to convince her that you are the ultimate romantic.


6.  Don’t just tell her how much you care, show her.

Encourage your partner to feel good about themselves by learning how to massage like a PRO! What does this mean? Take classes on how to heal inflammation in muscles, joints, and ligaments. But, you don’t want to make it too clinical. So learn about different oils for massage, mood music, and candle scents. Create the right mood and ambiance for your massages.


7. Surprise her for no reason at all.

For example; Secretly learn how to play a musical instrument. Then, when you’re good enough, spring it on her during a special occasion like her birthday.  Once again this is just a suggestion, you can also try and learn to do something that she enjoys doing, making the effort speaks wonders.


Wrapping it Up

7 Steps. That’s all it takes. Each step, of course, has permutations, but as you take each one, you’ll know what to do. Is this too contrived? Certainly.  The trick is to pursue these steps in a natural way. If you have doubts about this plan, then consider the alternative. It’s hoping for the best, and that’s no way to win.

Feel free to comment below or share some of your ideas of things that you do to make your partner feel extra special.

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