Is She Ready for the Next Step?

By on October 29, 2015

Written by | Jenna Brown.

So you decided that this is the one. You’ve dated her and followed the simple steps to wow her. Now you’re wondering if she is ready for the next step.

The question is, how do you know if she’s ready?  Sure, you could come right out and ask her, but if she isn’t you could actually blow your chance and take a step or two backward. You could take the plunge and risk the same result. Or you could take some time to try and read her to find out the truth. Then surprise her with a big proposal.

Women are complex. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it. But if you’ve come this far, you’re doing something right. It also means you should know her well enough to be able to read the signs. And believe me, she is leaving them if she is ready for marriage.


Looking for Signs

If she already knows that she’s ready for this commitment, she is leaving signs for you to follow. Some may be more obvious than others.

1. Is she comfortable in the relationship?

I don’t mean does she like hanging around you, because if you’ve come this far she does. I mean does she share her doubts and fears?  Does she talk about the future as a unit and not for just herself?  Does she express concerns about your relationship or not?  If so, step back and wait. If not, you might have a green light to go.

2. Has she talked about children?

Once a woman is comfortable in a relationship with a man, she will start talking about “if” or even “when” in relation to having children with you. If she is doing this, that’s when you know she’s thinking about long-term commitment.

3. Does she understand your financial situation and accept it?

Money is the root of most divorces. If she understands what your financial situation is like (and you understand hers) and she accepts it, she has already considered for herself what the money situation will be like after marriage with you. Possibly right down to the last penny.

4. Is she leaving hints?

Some women will come right out and tell you it’s time. Other women will leave hints. Did she mention that her friend is having a baby with a look of longing in her eyes? Did she bring up her cousin’s wedding (a girl she was sure would marry last)?

If you see the signs, she’s leaving the trail of breadcrumbs for you to follow.


Taking the Plunge

If you read the signs and you think she’s ready, it’s time to take the next step. don’t get excited and ask her just yet. There are two things you need to perfect before you do.

1. The ring.

You don’t want to buy her just any ring. Buy her something that is classic and elegant, something that she will cherish and would love to wear, and something that symbolizes what she means to you. For example, maybe you would want to consider a blue sapphire engagement ring. Why? Blue sapphires as engagement rings symbolize faithfulness and sincerity. Just imagine the touching speech you can give her when you drop to your knee, explaining why that particular ring is a perfect symbol of your love.

2. The proposal.

Any woman who says she doesn’t care how fancy or romantic the proposal will be is lying to you. She is setting the bar low for herself so that she isn’t let down if romance and grand gestures aren’t on the books. Think about what she loves (besides you) and try to find a way to incorporate that into a perfect and public proposal.

Congratulations. If you’ve come this far, you’re ready for the next step!


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