iDevices Thermostat Review

By on April 21, 2016

Written by | Darren Zygadlo@darrenzygadlo

In my never-ending attempt at true home automation, this week I turn my attention to the heating and cooling system in my home. I set some expectations for myself – I had to be able to control the temperature in the house while I was out of the home, I wanted an easy to use app with the ability to schedule heating and cooling and it had to look sleek and modern. I was pleasantly surprised when I found all of these and more in the iDevices thermostat.


The iDevices thermostat, as the name implies, is a true Apple HomeKit enabled device, meaning you’re able to control, monitor and schedule the temperature of your home, from wherever you are using your compatible iPad, iPod or iPhone. As my wife and I both use Apple devices this was already a big plus. However, it continued to impress me when I had the opportunity to download the corresponding app and was able to monitor and control the temperature in my home and even set schedules or pinpoint certain areas in the home (scenes as they are referred to) that I wanted warmer or cooler.

Now all of this was great until I realised just how innovative the folks over at iDevices were when I saw I could control the climate of my home with the help of Siri – Apple’s inbuilt voice assistant. This blew my mind, all I had to do was to ask her to set the temperature to the degree I desired and bam! It was done. A very cool feature indeed.


The unit itself was very easy to install, no more challenging than a regular thermostat and set up on my device couldn’t have been simpler with the app itself guiding me the entire way. Don’t worry, their website is also very helpful if you get into trouble. The unit itself is a clean glossy white – à la iPod from 2004 – with a full colour LED screen which really pops and displays temperature units very clearly. The unit also has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functionality which was reassuring.

Needless to say, the iDevices thermostat really impressed me with its ease of use, features and functionality and is priced well against its competitors. I have no trouble highly recommending this to anyone looking to automate climate control in their home.

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