Vaiden – The Hyperion Jacket Review

By on April 22, 2016

Written by | Darren Zygadlo@darrenzygadlo

In the very saturated sports clothing market comes a new line of workout apparel infused with the latest technology, their name is Vaiden.

The Hyperion is a Spring runners jacket necessity. It has been designed to block the wind and rain yet still be breathable, something that these other big name companies still struggle with. After some rigorous testing on my behalf, this did a very good job preventing those elements being a factor on a long run. I was pleasantly surprised at the jacket’s ability to wick sweat and rain away from my skin and still keep me dry. I also appreciated the reflective panels on my night runs.


The big draw card for Vaiden that puts them at an advantage over their competitors is the use of fabrics that contain silver ion anti-bacterial, anti-odor technology. Many runners can attest to this as being important in an item that will be exposed to that rain – sweat – dry – repeat cycle during the Spring months.

This is a perfect addition to any athletes wardrobe and can be found at

Darren Zygadlo

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