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By on April 29, 2016

Written by | Darren Zygadlo@darrenzygadlo

If you’re like me, your home security is no more than a keypad on the wall coupled with some window and door sensors that when tripped will trigger an alarm sound. While this is a deterrent, the home security market has come a long way over the past few years embracing new technologies to keep your home protected. Sentri is an all-in-one home monitoring solution that is made simple.


The simple yet understated design of the Sentri resembles an iPad on steroids and is essentially comprised of a 10-inch LCD touch-screen that can be mounted on a wall or used with the built in stand. It provides you with a 120-degree HD wide angle camera, sensors that track your home’s environmental health, real-time mobile alerts, and much more.

The concept behind Sentri is to provide users with live video/audio streaming (even night vision) and mobile notification and alerts through motion detection. An impressive feature of the Sentri is its ability to provide an overview of your home’s environmental conditions through an in-built thermometer, humidity sensor and air quality monitor.


I have used the unit now for the past week and I have to say it has really impressed me. Installation was very simple, it was simply plug and play. The live video function works exceptionally well with the ability to set home and away modes to dictate when it should and should not detect motion and record video. As well as the ability to review past recording history. The downloadable app is also very user friendly and functional, allowing me to monitor the goings on in my home remotely from anywhere you have cell service.

Real time notifications do work well with the odd hiccup here and there when it alerted me when I moved the unit or was configuring it but needless to say these were just start-up complaints that have since not been an issue.

Last but not least, the Sentri can also control other connected services like a Nest thermostat, Hue lights and WeMo connected devices, it really a smart home security hub for the digital age.

This is a very smart home monitoring solution. It is well made and just simply works, something that is very appealing to the average Joe consumer.

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