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By on June 16, 2016

Written by | Darren Zygadlo@darrenzygadlo

There seems to be an increasing need to feel more secure in our homes and our neighbourhoods. We expect the products we use to fulfil this need to feature always on connectedness so we know what is happening and when. While there are many products on the market, many of them are bulky, cumbersome to install and setup and not to mention challenging for most in day to day use. iSmartAlarm’s Spot HD camera aims to change all that.

The Spot HD camera takes home surveillance to a new level with some very unique features. First of all, video is streamed in true HD – this is a welcome change to the low resolution options I have also reviewed recently. Pictures are sharp and clear, even with the included night vision option. Spot also features motion and sound detection coupled with instant notifications, this I find is particularly useful if a fire or carbon monoxide alarm is tripped while you are in or out of the home.


Another really cool feature is 2-way audio, perfect for training disobedient pets or even setting up the camera by the front door for package deliveries or when the children are home alone. I won’t lie, I had some fun with this freaking my wife out hiding the camera around the home.

Now, what really sets this unit a part though is the free cloud and local video storage – there are no subscription services or extra fees. This is definitely a big selling point; many surveillance options expect you to pay a yearly fee to save and keep your videos. Not the case here!

Lastly, being powered by micro-usb means no more hard installs and ultimate portability as this thing can even be powered by an external battery pack.

The Spot HD camera could be the most versatile and compact home surveillance option for the average- Joe consumer and at less than $100 this thing is a must have!

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