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By on July 20, 2016

Written by:  Darren Zygadlo | Twitter:  @darrenzygadlo | Instagram:  @onecutreviews

More and more people are seeking natural, environmentally friendly products that feel right and fit in with our lifestyles. There is a big movement out there to feel as though we are doing right by the environment and somehow respecting our natural resources. Bark Accessories, specialise in designing products that not only respect the natural world but also replenish what is being used.


As the name would imply, Bark crafts products made from real wood and they do so very well. Their line of Apple and Samsung cases seamlessly blend technology and the natural beauty of wood into something that is not only functional but beautiful as well. Their cases exude a high quality fit and finish that can’t be said for most companies in this space. If you’re not sold on their tech. accessories, they also make and sell their own fashionable wooden framed sunglasses, which puts a modern spin on a classic everyday accessory.


The real highlight of this company though, is their commitment their plant a seed cause. Each person who purchases one of their products has the chance to give back to nature what has once been stripped. Each product is shipped with a small pouch of seeds to be planted in your local area and contribute to the well being of the planet.

While there are many options out there when it comes to accessories for our devices, there is not many who aim to give back. Bark Accessories, is definitely worth checking out.

Darren Zygadlo

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