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By on August 11, 2016

Written by:  Darren Zygadlo | Twitter:  @darrenzygadlo | Instagram:  @onecutreviews

Being toted as the World’s Most Advanced backpack, the Zero-G by Keep Pursuing has entered the ring with some pretty innovative hard hitting features that could actually earn them this crown.


Keep Pursuing are by no means a rookie in the carry on game with some very notable mentions to the sling and duffle bag we featured previously. Our reviewers remarked at the quality of their builds and how cleverly you could store goods safely and securely. They have returned with something a little different this time, but different is not a bad thing.


The Zero-G spent 18 months in design and development and the folks over at KP had one goal, to design a backpack that would both lighten our load and adapt more flexibly to our constantly changing environment, especially when it comes to motion and movement. What makes this backpack so unique is the world’s first 4-point independent suspension system – allowing each strap to move independently in reaction to kinetic forces. This elastic transfer of weight absorbs shocks and reduces the effect of gravity, counterbalancing impact energy to create an aerodynamic backpack that minimizes load, enhances posture, and not only looks fast, but feels it.


KP continues their fine form when it comes to functionality as well, inside the bag are two main storage areas — a primary compartment and a utility hatch (both of which can be easily accessed with one hand). The Zero-G also features a very clever swivel hatch to instantly access your accessories and essentials. Sliding in sideways, your laptop has its own safe room that accommodates machines up to 15-inches in size and guarantees 360° protection. Your smartphone also has its own special hideout: a detachable travel pocket, furnished with magnetic snaps and a micro-velvet interior. Also notable, is the inclusion of a dedicated iPad compartment, pen slots (perfect for your multifaceted KP MultiPen), and a concealed pocket for your wallet. All in all, a stunning 12 unique storage compartments!


Lastly, build quality is superb with an ultra-matte, scratch-proof PU leather exterior which is 100% water resistant – even the zippers, an interior covered in a 3D polyester matrix design and a very cool water-and-shock-resistant EVA base.

Keep Pursuing may have very well designed the greatest backpack ever here, it’s the type of bag James Bond himself might use. It is stylish, functional and most importantly practical. Everything a good backpack needs to be and more.

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