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Written by:  Darren Zygadlo | Twitter:  @darrenzygadlo | Instagram:  @onecutreviews

Admittedly, when Ambronite arrived on my doorstep, it looked like something the astronauts would have eaten on the Apollo space missions. Lime green sachets of powder in a very unassuming box.  At closer look, it is obvious the folks over at Ambronite may have actually perfected the ultimate drinkable super meal.

Ambronite is a combination of berries, nuts, seeds and greens, dried and milled and portioned to give you an on the go meal that provides up to 5 hours of sustained energy and is nutritionally balanced. No longer will cold noodles or 7-11 bought sandwiches for lunch suffice.


Due to real food being included in their packages, it means you are also getting all of the essential nutrients needed for normal daily functioning. As Ambronite claims – the 18 real foods and all 40+ nutrients in one Drinkable Super meal™ smoothie mix are designed to make you thrive.

The best thing about Ambronite is its ease, a full meal ready in just 60 seconds and with just 500 calories with 30g protein you will feel fuller for longer – quenching that hunger of yours. It also tastes really good!

So, avoid reheating last night’s Taco Bell, if you need some energy on the run that is good for you give Ambronite a go.

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