Tessel Supply Jet Pack 2.0

By on September 16, 2016

Written by:  Darren Zygadlo | Twitter:  @darrenzygadlo | Instagram:  @onecutreviews


There is a certain sense of irony in Tessel Supply calling their latest offering the “jet pack” because it will not be soaring to new heights in the carry-on game. In fact, Tessel has done an amazing job in crafting a backpack that is so extraordinarily average it actually disappointed us.

Admittedly, perhaps we are being a little too critical but after reviewing similar offerings from rival companies, one can’t help but feel that this lacklustre effort is simply not worth the price on the tag.


Now, there are some high points in Tessel’s game, the Jet Pack 2.0 is a beautiful looking bag if that is your thing. The 210D PU Coated Ripstop nylon and Composite Faceted Panel that comprises the outer of the bag is very striking. The Storm Flap Zippered Front Pocket is also a welcome addition for storing smaller valuables. However, everything else this bag offers is pretty mediocre.


Like many others in the market, they featured an atypical Laptop and tablet/notebook sleeve, it also predictably has an air mesh ventilated shoulder harness, back panel, and reliable zipper hardware – but so does every other bag out there we have reviewed recently.

Forgive us for wanting more, however, in 2016 a backpack needs to do more functionally than just look good. The Jet Pack 2.0 for us just doesn’t have the adequate storage compartments/pockets for all the junk we carry nowadays. Besides the sleeve pocket, there was a whole lot of nothing but empty space which is fine if you are carrying your dirty laundry or perhaps some gym clothes but most consumers will want a place for all their junk and the jet pack just doesn’t have that.

As always, the choice is yours but for us, we have to pass on this one.

Check it out at: www.tesselsupply.com.

Darren Zygadlo

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