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Written by:  Darren Zygadlo | Twitter:  @darrenzygadlo | Instagram:  @onecutreviews

OneSoap, a company out of Frankfurt Germany, want to be your new one-stop shop when it comes to men’s hygiene with their convenient, natural, portable, and even stick-able hair and body wash.

Designed for those on the go, OneSoap is a solid deodorant stick styled soap product that is perfect for travel as it does not fall under the liquid restrictions for carry-on luggage and is made for those who want simplicity and something compact to carry in their sports bag. Their forward-thinking design motif includes a suction-cup-cap, so you will no longer be dependent on shelf space in the shower – simply stick it to any smooth surface and never worry about dropping the soap again.

It’s all natural ingredients means there are no animal by-products, parabens or SLS products included. It is comprised of activated carbon and is shiny and black in appearance, however, the inclusion of ethereal oils and high glycerin content means that not only does their soap bind toxins but also leaves skin and hair silky smooth.

A highlight for us was that this product is 100% spill proof, we can’t tell you how many times our shampoo bottle has busted open and made a mess of our gym bags. It also means that for us, it is one less product to carry and replenish as it is quite long lasting. OneSoap also pleasantly surprised us with its fresh citrus-y scent which many of our testers enjoyed.

OneSoap is not trying to reinvent the wheel with this product, simply improve it, their innovative product is something that should be on everyone’s shopping list for 2017.

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