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By on February 15, 2017

Written by:  Darren Zygadlo | Twitter:  @darrenzygadlo | Instagram:  @onecutreviews

We’ve all been there, waiting in long lines at train stations, music festivals or sports events. Minutes, nay hours, spent on your aching feet with no seat in sight for a reprise. Well, strain no more with SitGo – the first portable travel seat.

Simply put, SitGo provides users with rest while standing, it is a modern day take on a travel seat. Its clever T-shape design is compact and initially is no bigger than your average water bottle. It is lightweight, can withstand up to 300 pounds and has a unique telescopic neck to adjust the seating height – perfect for everything from commuter lines to camp sites.

What we particularly liked about the SitGo was its construction and ease of use. It is super simple to unpack and you simply lean on to it and you have a comfortable place to rest. This is further aided by a rubberized pad on the seat that provides the non-slip surface needed for stability and comfort. Also, worth noting was the inclusion of a belt clip and carabiner, so when collapsed, the SitGo can be attached to any bag or backpack securely. This was a crafty addition.

We are very surprised someone hadn’t thought of this product sooner, its applications in the real world are vast and never will we feel uncomfortable in long, tiresome lines again – I’m looking at you Disney World!

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