Bellabeat Leaf Urban

By on March 2, 2017

Written by: Diana Andreacola | Special Guest Editor

Just like Jerry Maguire, the Bellabeat Urban had me at hello. I will never forget the day the ad popped up on my Facebook page.  It was love at first sight, and I begged my husband to get me one.  The Bellabeat Urban looked so delicate, so beautiful compared to my trusty Withings Activité.  I lusted after it for months, and then it happened, it arrived.

A gorgeous Bellabeat Urban in rose gold.  I reverently pried it from the box and reality soon set it.  While the Bellabeat is beautiful, it is not quite delicate, in fact, it is rather bulky and I am by no means a petite girl. There are three options for wear, as a necklace, on a leather bracelet or just clipped to your clothes.  The rose gold chain is quite nice, but once the Urban was put on, it just seems too chunky for the slight chain.  The bracelet looks great but is seriously a pain to put on each morning.  It is attached to the urban by two hooks on each end, which came lose several times, resulting in me dropping it and finally becoming frustrated and giving up. I’m not a morning person!

The app is relatively easy to use, but I’m not quite sure how accurate it is especially the sleep and step tracker.  I have a four-year-old who during the night seems to forget he has a father and only calls Mamma if he needs a drink or his feet rubbed.  I have not slept a full night since 2012, but according to the Bellabeat, I am sleeping like a baby!  I have always suspected my Withings Activité has been shortchanging me on steps, but the Bellabeat counter is on the other end of the spectrum.  After a week of wearing both trackers simultaneously, each night’s update would be way off.  One day, in particular, I did my workout in the morning which usually clocks in about 3,000-4,000 steps, Bellabeat tracked 12,000 steps. I believe this is excessively inflated.

Bottom line, the Bellabeat Urban is still beautiful, if a bit clunky.  I’m sure there are women out there who will adore it because it looks like jewelry, instead of a plastic bangle and has a very user-friendly app, but I think I will stick with my Withings Activité.  Even though I’m convinced it is shafting my step count, I am using it as a fitness tracker. Tricking myself into believing I am meeting my 10,000 step target by being overly generous is not going to help me reach my fitness goals.


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