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By on March 14, 2017

Written by:  Darren Zygadlo | Twitter:  @darrenzygadlo | Instagram:  @onecutreviews

Winter doesn’t have to mean bulky, boxy, and uncomfortable clothing just because it’s cold. A lot of the time, we find ourselves changing our jackets to suit the occasion and it gets tiresome, Narvik wants to change all that by designing multipurpose, functional, and versatile jackets for both men and women.

To their merit, Narvik assembles jackets that are not only water-repellent but also well insulated and constructed from long-lasting materials. All Narvik jackets utilize the smart fabric ThermalTech, a specially coated 100% stainless steel mesh that, when exposed to sunlight or body heat, will rapidly heat up to increase body temperature and keep you comfortably toasty. The fabric is also breathable to regulate temperature and offers a fleece lining for extra comfort. These features together create a jacket that reduces the need to wear two extra layers of clothing.

We recently tried their Men’s street jacket and were surprised and how well it kept us warm even on an unusually cold Winter day. The street variant is Narvik’s simple, no-frills offering with a water-resistant shell and a light-weight design. The jacket was not only well made but worn over just a t-shirt, it kept us very comfortable even in the blowing wind. We never felt the cold, except on our extremities, and it was stylish enough that we felt confident that it could be worn on most occasions.

Narvik has a range of coats in different styles and colors that make the weather a non-issue, but more importantly – their jackets don’t make you look like the Michelin man, having to sacrifice style just to stay warm.

Check out and take off some clothes to keep warm for a change.

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