Silent Pocket RFID protection card and Key Fob Guard

By on April 17, 2017

Written by:  Darren Zygadlo | Twitter:  @darrenzygadlo | Instagram:  @onecutreviews

Too often do we hear how hackers have stolen sensitive data from credit cards, passports and other important identity markers using modern technology and putting consumers at risk of identity theft. In fact, 16 billion dollars was stolen from over 15 million U.S. consumers in 2016 alone according to a recent Identity Fraud Survey conducted by Javelin Strategy & Research. Silent Pocket, uses proprietary wireless shielding technology embedded into everyday products to protect the one thing that matters most, your privacy.

Their extensive line-up of Faraday cage products (an enclosure used to block electromagnetic fields) provide instant privacy and peace of mind in things such as cell phone cases, briefcases, travel bags and more. Their RFID protection card is a simple but effective first line of defense designed to protect you from hackers skimming or cloning your data. The Signal Shield RFID Protection Card is a RFID blocking credit card holder and protector designed to block RFID and NFC signals in any wallet. The card blocks the 13.56 MHz frequency used by RFID chip embedded cards such as credit/debit cards, passports, identification/driver’s licenses, and office access badges. You simply add the card to your existing wallet or use the 2 included cards and an elastic band as a minimalist wallet.

Adding that extra layer of protection and reassurance is their Key fob guard, a canvas enclosure that blocks the wireless signals given off from your keyless entry fob, stopping thieves from unlocking your car, stealing the contents, and preventing the car itself from being stolen. It works by blocking ALL signals to and from your keyless remote including the 315 MHz frequency used for most North American made cars and 433.92 MHz for European, Japanese, and Asian vehicles.

Silent Pocket, have a proven track record when it comes to creating simple and effective solutions to better protect consumers from the threats on an individuals’ privacy. In 2017, privacy helps us maintain our autonomy and individuality. We define ourselves by exercising power over our private information, so take some extra steps to protect yourself and check out these and other products by Silent Pocket.

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