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Written by:  Darren Zygadlo | Twitter:  @darrenzygadlo | Instagram:  @onecutreviews

With the beautiful weather Southern Ontario has been having in September, more so than ever, golfers are rejoicing at the ability to play the game they love into the Fall. However, with wetter weather on the horizon, it means some messier gameplay and cleaning your clubs is never fun. Caddy clean, want to make your job easier than ever with their all-in-one golf club cleaner.

The Caddy Clean golf club cleaner was invented by 3 friends on the Bishop Feehan high school golf team in Attleboro, MA. Kyle, Joshua, & Alex felt there must be a better way to clean their clubs than using a brush, spit & the front of Kyle’s t-shirt. Their motivation to clean their clubs faster led the invention of the Caddy-Clean.

Essentially the device is a cleaning multi-tool for golf clubs. It features a proprietary cleaning solution and washable non-scratch scrub pad, a flat and pointed brass attachment to dig out stubborn dirt from club grooves and a fold out brass brush for mud and grime removal. To use Caddy Clean, you simply spray the club head with the solution, scrub off loose debris with the pad or brush, use the brass tool to clean the grooves and wipe it clean with the included microfiber towel.

The Caddy Clean was exceptionally easy to use and does work very well. We deliberately went and had a few rounds on a wet afternoon and really dirtied up our clubs before using it and the results were remarkable. We managed to restore the clubs shine with ease and without too much hassle. We particularly enjoyed the ability to fasten the device to our golf bag with its recoiling tether but our only criticism is that the chassis itself, although well made, is a bit cumbersome and big. We would love to see a slim downed version for easier portability.

The Caddy Clean is the perfect gift for the golfing enthusiast and to put it simply – it is something you will wish you had when it comes to cleaning your clubs.

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